In the Odesa region, in the village of Hanno-Pokrovka, a tragic incident happened the other day with a pregnant woman, after which the story gained resonance and it began to be spread on social networks.

Some of the Telegram channels accidentally spread the information that the daughter-in-law allegedly punched the pregnant mother-in-law in the stomach, after which the latter had a miscarriage.

But, as it turned out, this information is only partially true.

As Oleksandr Voloshyn, the head of the Konoplyan community (the village of Hanno-Pokrovka is part of it), Oleksandr Voloshyn, said in a comment for, according to the information he received from unofficial sources, the conflict occurred between the daughter-in-law and the daughter of a local resident.

"It happened between the daughter-in-law and the daughter. Of course, the police will figure it out. It is difficult to say what exactly caused it, because there were no witnesses to the incident," Oleksandr Voloshyn told us.

In turn, in the village of Hanno-Pokrovka, we were told that this family never came under the authority's eye.

"An ambulance arrived, we know that the woman lost a child. In the village, they say that the woman was waiting for this child very much, because this is the first child of this woman from a new husband. She has another child, as far as is clear, from another marriage. We know, that the family is very upset because of all this, because the family is ordinary, we cannot call them dysfunctional", - we were told in the village.

Officially, the Odesa Oblast police responded that, according to their data, the conflict occurred between two daughters-in-law.

We will remind you that in Odesa, a man attacked his own son with an ax and wanted to cut off his head.

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