Wu Shuyuan's work "Dream of the Island" remained on Yuguang Island after the curtain closed.

(Provided by Nanshi government)

[Reporter Cai Wenju/Tainan Report] The 2023 Tainan Yuguang Island Art Festival closed this afternoon. According to statistics from the Nanshi Cultural Bureau, the Yuguang Island Art Festival has been held for 24 days since its opening on March 24, attracting nearly 20 people. million tourists.

The biennial Tainan Yuguang Island Art Festival will enter its 4th edition in 2023. This year, with the dual themes of "Art on a Small Island" and "Redrawing the Island of Earth Sea", it will lead the public to explore Yuguang Island through artworks. It is located in a secret place in the city. During the event, there are rich and unique popular performances such as music, dance, and movies planned; the cultural and creative market in Fangfeng Forest is a highlight, including queuing up for food, hand-made flower arrangements, collecting old pieces, and Activities such as folk guitar singing are loved by young friends and parent-child tourists.

According to the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the works of this year's Yuguang Island Art Festival are highly integrated with the environment and the life and culture of the islanders, and the two works of Wu Mali and Wu Zongxian's "Looking for a Realm" and Wu Shuyuan's "Island Dream" will be displayed after the closing ceremony. Stay on the island forever.

According to the Cultural Affairs Bureau, these two works are made of coastal plants suitable for the environment of Yuguang Island. The Bureau specially preserved them on the spot to make them continue to grow. In the future, people can still visit these two seaside gardens when they come to Yuguang Island. .

And Li Yusheng's work "Kun Island Shenzhou" is kept in the Temple of Heaven on the island, and it will be extended to May to celebrate Marshal Tianfu's Christmas.