Lai Kuncheng talked about the process of preserving this Japanese-style building when he was the mayor more than 20 years ago at the renovation and opening ceremony of the Taitung mayor's official residence.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)

[Reporter Huang Mingtang/Taitung Report] The Taitung Legislative Primary Election of the Democratic Progressive Party will conduct local telephone polls from the 17th to the 21st. Former legislator Lai Kuncheng and current legislator Liu Chaohao rarely sat side by side today, with almost zero distance Zero and zero interaction.

At the inauguration ceremony for the renovation of the Taitung mayor's official residence, Liu emphasized that he had sought financial subsidies, while Lai said that he was the first to restore this historic building when he was the mayor more than 20 years ago, which attracted the attention of Japan.

The Taitung City Government repaired the wooden office buildings built during the Japanese occupation on Zhongshan Road. Today, it held an inauguration ceremony for one of the mayor's mansions. Legislator Liu Chaohao was invited by the city government to attend the ceremony, deliver a speech and cut the ribbon. Lai Kuncheng, the former mayor , As a former legislator, he came uninvited and asked Mayor Chen Mingfeng to let him speak on stage.

Lai and Liu have deep election grievances in the DPP. When Lai Kuncheng served as a legislator, Liu Chaohao defeated Lai Kuncheng in the party's primary election. Since then, he has been re-elected as a legislator for three consecutive terms. Fighting to become the next legislator, the two competed fiercely, but faced each other but turned a blind eye.

At the ceremony in the morning, the two people sitting side by side became the focus. When Lai Kuncheng delivered a speech, he did not forget to remind that "the only phone poll supports Lai Kuncheng".

Liu Chaohao said in his speech that a city must be modern and have a past to show its charm. This building has undergone renovations from Mayor Zhang Guozhou to Mayor Chen Mingfeng. He has won the construction funds of the Japanese-style buildings from the county government, and looks forward to it. We work together to give new life to old buildings.

Lai Kuncheng reminded everyone that this Japanese-era building was originally facing demolition. When he was the mayor more than 20 years ago, he insisted on keeping it and repaired it with only 5 million yuan to preserve the old style of Taitung City, which attracted the attention of Japan. The son of the mayor of the street returned to the place where he grew up to recall his childhood, and Japan's NHK also reported on it. It is only with the continuous efforts of the subsequent mayor that it has the appearance it is today.

Lai Kuncheng said on stage that "the only phone poll supports Lai Kuncheng", the audience applauded in response, and Liu Chaohao (right in the front row) turned to Zhang Guozhou sitting next to him with his chin on his hand.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)

The Democratic Progressive Party Taitung Legislative Primary Election will conduct telephone polls within 5 days from tomorrow. Lai Kuncheng (right) and Liu Chaohao (second from right) rarely sit side by side, with zero distance but zero interaction.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)