The press conference before the 1st "dodo Taoyuan International Marathon" called on runners to sing on the elevated section of the running platform line 61. Delicious meals will also be provided on site, and more cerebral palsy people are encouraged to go outdoors. Negative reviews keep coming.

(Provided by Peach City Sports Bureau)

[Reporter Zheng Shuting/Taoyuan Report] The 1st "dodo Taoyuan International Marathon" was called to run on the elevated section of Taiwan Highway 61 and enjoy the coastal scenery. Chen Jialing, a well-known runner who participated in the road run, even pointed out the lack of many races on Facebook. Taoyuan City Councilor Huang Qionghui said that the city government press conference before the race would especially encourage more people with cerebral palsy to go outdoors, and asked the city government to fully review and recover. People's confidence; runners are even more ironic. Before the race, runners are asked to "run happily and eat well", which sounds particularly ironic now.

The "dodo Taoyuan International Marathon" is sponsored by the Taoshi government and Duan Enterprise Co., Ltd. It started on the 15th at the Conch Cultural Experience Park in Xinwu District. Attractions such as Guanyin Painted Windmill, thousands of people participated in the competition. However, many runners complained after the race that the on-site traffic control line and mileage were not clearly marked. Among all the races he has participated in, the supply is the worst, the worst, the worst. "Will there be runners coming next year?" There are also runners all over the marathon who are sour. This supply is really "international". Water, Shupao, salt, bananas, small chocolates and rice crackers at a few stops, which were not enough to support the 42 kilometers. Some runners said that there were large expansion joints on the track, and many runners got stuck and almost fell. In fact, there is not much coastal scenery to be seen along the way, and there is a strong smell of factory smoke from time to time.

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"Xiaobi Ma" Chen Jialing posted on Facebook that there were no barrier-free facilities when she arrived at the venue, and she had to climb stairs everywhere. Not only did the traffic control personnel not help, but her tone was bad. Yes, she arrived at the venue very early, but it took almost 40 minutes just to walk around, and the supplies were only running, water and biscuits, and she was taken away from the queue after the game, just waiting for the meal After waiting for more than 40 minutes, she didn't eat anything and left the venue disappointed, "This is my first time here, but I will never come again because it really disappointed me."

Huang Qionghui said that after the race, on Facebook and the Marathon World website, many runners reported that the supply station was sunny, and many people ran hungry and weak because of this, and there was a gap between the race results and the actual running distance. Even the arrangement of the transportation vehicles was not in order, which made the experience of the runners not good. After the race, many runners received private messages requesting the Peach City Government to review and improve many problems.

Huang Qionghui said that she learned that "Xiao Bi Ma" also signed up, and pointed out many shortcomings on Facebook after the race. She believed that "Xiao Bi Ma"'s perseverance was inspiring and she was a figure that runners admired very much. She had participated in many races in the past. There are few competitions, and it is rare to see such comments from Xiaobi's mother. The Taoshi government has really disappointed the public.