The press conference before the 1st "dodo Taoyuan International Marathon" called on runners to sing on the elevated section of the running platform line 61. Delicious meals will also be provided on site, and more cerebral palsy people are encouraged to go outdoors. Negative reviews keep coming.

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dodo Taoyuan International Marathon is full of negative reviews!

It's ironic to ask runners to "run fast! Eat fast" before the race

[Reporter Zheng Shuting/Taoyuan Report] Regarding the controversy after the 1st "dodo Taoyuan International Marathon", among them, "Xiaobi Ma", who often took her son with cerebral palsy to compete in various road running events, pointed out that many events were missing on Facebook; Cai Qiuhong, chairman of the organizer Duan Enterprise Co., Ltd., responded today that "Xiao Bi Ma" is not on the list of cerebral palsy runners, nor has he indicated what kind of assistance he needs. If he explained in advance, he would definitely provide it; The event is held on the elevated section to avoid creating too much garbage. The types of supplies should not be too complicated, but the basic ones must be available and sufficient.

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Cai Qiuhong said that this event was fully funded by the company, "it is not an official event." The Taoshi government only assisted in obtaining the right to use Route 61 in Taiwan, as well as administrative resources such as the use of the Conch Hall venue and police traffic control. At the beginning, it would plan to use Taiwan Line 61 is the track. Former mayor Zheng Wencan hoped that someone from Taoyuan would come forward to promote the marathon with an international landmark, so he started to hold this event. He especially fully sponsored the Cerebral Palsia Association to participate, hoping that they can go outdoors.

He said that on the 15th, a total of 5 runners with cerebral palsy participated, and provided separate tents, exclusive personnel to accompany the run and provide meals next to the starting point, but "Xiao Bi Ma" was not on the list, nor did he indicate any special needs , There are more than 3,000 runners on site, and it is impossible for the staff to know everyone's needs. If you explain in advance, you can provide them, including identification, passes, etc. "We will never discriminate against anyone."

Cai Qiuhong emphasized that when the 5 runners with cerebral palsy participated in the 5km group, they were also asked to start first. Generally, the runners started after 1 minute. If you inform the organizer in advance that you have special needs, you will definitely provide barrier-free assistance, and it is impossible to ignore it. I am surprised by the comments after the game.

Regarding the "long queue" and "being led" for the meal after the race, Cai Qiuhong said that the meal after the race is quite rich, including rice noodles, duck meat, eggs, dried tofu, sausage, seafood soup, etc., and the amount of preparation is very sufficient. There is even a lot left after the event, and the village chief is asked to transfer it to elders living alone and disadvantaged families. There is no need to save this money.

As for runners complaining about insufficient supply on the track, Cai Qiuhong explained that the supply includes bananas, chocolate, rice crackers, salt candy, salt, comfort running and boiling water. If there is a lack of response, it may be that a large troop passed by suddenly, and the staff did not have time to make up for it. The race is a competition-type non-recreational road run. In addition, it is held on a closed expressway, and the generation of waste must be minimized. Therefore, the types of supplies should not be too complicated, but the basic supplies must be enough, and some runners have given positive comments.

Cai Qiuhong said helplessly that there were more than 10 countries and more than 100 international players participating in the meeting. His purpose was just to promote sports and Taoyuan. This event has nothing to do with the official.

Xu Yanhui, director of the Taoshi Municipal Sports Bureau, said that the organizer hoped to hold a "running event on elevated roads", so during the former city government, the Taoshi government was approached to help obtain the right to Taiwan 61 Route, and the host company was responsible for the rest In the future, the organizers will be required to pay more attention to the sports equality of the physically and mentally disabled, including venues, sports needs, etc. The issue of supplies has been confirmed with the organizers, mainly because it is not suitable to place too fancy food on the elevated road section. It's more monotonous.