The enemy continues to focus its main efforts on conducting offensive actions in the Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiiv and Marin directions.

The fiercest battles continue for Bakhmut and Maryinka.

During the past day, 56 enemy attacks were repelled.

This was announced by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the Bakhmut direction,

the Russians continue to carry out offensive actions.

Heavy fighting continues for the city of Bakhmut.

In the Avdiyiv direction, the enemy conducted unsuccessful offensive actions in the Novokalynovoy and Pervomaisky areas of the Donetsk region, but had no success.

Over the past day, our defenders have repelled numerous enemy attacks in the Mariinsky direction.

In the Volyn, Polis, Siver, and Slobozhan directions,

the operational situation has not undergone significant changes, and no signs of the formation of offensive groups have been detected.

Some units of the territorial troops of the Russian armed forces continue to be on the territory of Belarus.

A comprehensive check of the combat readiness of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus is also underway.

In the Lyman direction,

during the past day, the enemy conducted unsuccessful offensive actions near the settlements of Dibrova and Bilogorivka.

The enemy did not carry out offensive operations in the Shakhtarsk direction last day.

The occupiers continue to conduct defensive operations in the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson areas


Russian invaders continue to commit looting in the temporarily captured territory of Ukraine.

"For the past 24 hours, the Air Force of the Defense Forces has carried out five strikes on the areas of concentration of personnel and military equipment of the occupiers. Units of missile forces and artillery hit the command post, three areas of concentration of Russian manpower, weapons and military equipment, as well as the enemy's radio-electronic warfare station." , the General Staff reports.

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