Huang Lujinru (right), chairman of the Taipei City Party Committee of the Kuomintang, accepts an exclusive interview to analyze the election of legislators in each constituency of the Kuomintang in Taipei City.

(Photo by reporter Cai Yahua)

[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] The Kuomintang is actively planning the 2024 legislative election campaign. Taipei City Party Committee Chairman Huang Lu Jinru accepted an exclusive interview with "POP News" radio program host Huang Weihan this morning. Some people in the district have expressed their views on running for the election, and the timing will be announced at the meeting, but she thinks that the second constituency (Shilin, Datong District) is the most difficult, and she is more worried that DPP North City Councilor Wang Shijian will win the primary election, because Wang Shijian's style of play is treacherous and changeable. trickier.

In an exclusive interview, Huang Weihan asked about the election situation and layout of the KMT’s Beishi Legislative Committee. Huang Lujinru believes that the first constituency of Beishi (Beitou and Shilin) ​​has a chance of winning. At present, Beishi councilors Zhang Sigang and Chen Chongwen both intend to run for the election, and the two will negotiate , It is estimated that there is a 60% winning rate.

The Democratic Progressive Party staged a "great battle" in the second constituency. North City Councilor Wang Shijian challenged current legislator He Zhiwei. It was reported that the KMT intends to find Tainan City Councilor Xie Longjie to run for the election. Huang Lu Jinru said frankly that this constituency was difficult for the blue camp in the past However, after Jiang Wanan won the election, the situation was also disrupted. The KMT had already mastered the know-how of how to operate, and Xie Longjie did not completely reject it. However, local people in Tainan had opinions on why they asked Xie to run in Beishi. Now the party Two of them told her that they wanted to run for the election, but they had to keep it secret first. The blue-green elections in this area are very popular, but Wang Shijian's style of play is quirky and changeable, which will be more difficult.

Wang Hongwei, the current legislator of the 3rd constituency (Zhongshan, Beisongshan), and Lai Shibao, the current legislator of the 8th constituency (Wenshan, Zhongzheng District), are both on the KMT’s list of nominations for the first wave of legislators announced on Wednesday. Huang Lu Jinru said that she is optimistic about Wang Hongwei There is a 90% chance of being re-elected, but you still have to be wary of fear and run to the grassroots. As for Lai Shibao, the grassroots management and service are very good, the local roots are very deep, and the winning rate should be more than 99%.

As for the 4th constituency (Nangang, Neihu), those who have already announced their candidacy include Li Yanxiu and You Shuhui, the Taipei city councilors, who will face Gao Jiayu, the current legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party, and Wu Xindai, a candidate of the Foundation Progressive Party.

Huang Lu Jinru said that the Ganghu District is an area that the Blue Camp has always wanted to recover. Li Yanxiu has been a legislator and has worked deeply in Ganghu. winning percentage.

Registration for the KMT Zhongzheng and Wanhua Legislative Primary Elections will start next Monday. Huang Lujinru said that there are currently 4 candidates to be elected. In addition to Beishi Councilors Zhong Xiaoping and Guo Zhaoyan who have expressed their views, there is also the KMT spokesman Lin Jiaxing. The other person has not yet announced.

As for the 7th constituency (Xinyi, Nansongshan) where the "core cost war" is staged, Huang Lujinru believes that the current legislator Fei Hongtai has experience and strength, and the North City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin is a rookie but is very capable. The Kuomintang should have a winning rate of more than 60%.