The Wizarding World of "Harry Potter" Boy Survivors

will be brought to life again

By this time in the form of

New "TV Series"

to remain referenced from the author's book

J.K. Rowling

In a press release, HBO's streaming services, Max and Discovery Plus, were announced.


officially rebranded as simply





Media and Discovery in 2021 revealed plans for a Harry Potter TV series with a cast.

New pages for each season are based on each chapter of the book.

And will continue to be filled with the incredible detail of the fascinating characters and locations that readers have loved for over 25 years.

Of course, Rowling was cast as one of the producers.

in order for the series to come out perfectly according to the script in the book

US entertainment media reports that executives are in talks with

David Heyman

, producer of all eight Harry Potter films, to join the team to serve as executive producer for the TV series.

Over the past 25 years, it's undeniable that

all seven

Harry Potter novels by


It's a world-changing literature.

create a cultural phenomenon

It has been highly successful since it was first published in 1997. It has been translated into 85 languages ​​and sold over 600 million copies, making it one of the bestsellers of all time.

until being made into a highly popular movie

grossed more than $ 77 billion worldwide, or approximately 262,600 million baht, sending lead actors like Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint as superstars.


three spin-off films

, Fantastic Beasts, and

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child's

stage play premiered in London.

UK as of July 2016.

Warner Bros. is

also working with Avalanche Software to develop

"Hogwarts Legacy,"

an action role-playing game based on the world. of Harry Potter, which was released earlier this month.

Last Feb.

Holding its title as one of the fastest-selling video games of the year in the UK and US, Harry Potter fans can't wait to see it again.

Amornda Ponguthai