Sample of Kinmen Transportation Book Coupon.

(Provided by Kinmen County Government)

[Reporter Wu Zhengting/Kinmen Report] The Kinmen County Government said today that the transportation book coupons and school allowances for county students traveling to Taiwan will adopt "online application" for the first time this year. Considering that some students and parents still fail to complete the application as scheduled, in order not to affect the rights and interests of students , The county government decided to postpone the application deadline for one week, from April 15 to April 22.

The county government pointed out that in the second semester of the 111 school year, the transportation book coupons and school allowances for county students traveling to Taiwan will be accepted online in the "Kinmen County Government Transportation Book Coupons, School Allowance and Scholarship Integrated Online Application System" from April 1 this year , after being approved by the county government, the electronic QR CODE will be issued, and the traffic coupon can also be printed as a paper consumption; students attending schools at all levels in the county will be sent to the county government by the school, and the paper will be issued after the approval For transportation book coupons, students can also apply for electronic QR CODE consumption online.

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Preliminary statistics from the county government show that about 80% of the county students traveling to Taiwan have received transportation coupons and school allowances.

The county government pointed out that in order to implement the policy of caring for students, increase students’ opportunities to study in other places, and expand their learning opportunities, the county government began to issue air fare subsidy transportation coupons for students in Kinmen County in the first half of 2008; For the needs of students who do not often use aviation or ships, the scope of subsidies is extended to the purchase of books and stationery. Since the first half of 2010, it has been renamed "Student Transportation Book Vouchers" to expand the scope of use. Each student will be issued transportation books with a denomination of 500 yuan per semester 4 coupons, totaling 2,000 yuan.

The county government stated that in terms of school allowances, each student in high school (professional) will be given 3,000 yuan per semester; students in colleges and universities will be given 5,000 yuan per semester; among them, students in 5-year junior colleges will be given the same amount as high school students in the first 3 years. (Vocational) students will be issued, and the next 2 years will be issued in the same way as students from colleges and universities.