Get ready for an unforgettable experience at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, which will be held on April 28-30 on Baku Street.

APA presents everything you need to know about the upcoming exciting event.

Track Records: Who Owns the Lap Record?

The current lap record holder is Charles Leclerc, who achieved an incredible 1:43.009 in 2019.

How many rounds does the Azerbaijan Grand Prix consist of?

Azerbaijan Grand Prix consists of 51 laps and covers a total distance of 306,049 km.

History of Baku City Ring

Baku was the newest street circuit to be added to the Formula 1 calendar ahead of the introduction of the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The track has quickly become a fan favorite since its launch, joining the ranks of iconic streets such as Monaco, Melbourne, Singapore and Vegas.

Exciting moments on the circuit: When was the first Grand Prix?

The first Grand Prix held in Baku was held in 2016 as the European Grand Prix.

Since then, it has become an established event and is called Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The 2016 European Grand Prix was won by Nico Rosberg in Mercedes, Sebastian Vettel in Ferrari and Sergio Perez in Force India.

In 2017, Daniel Ricciardo won the first Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Valtteri Bottas was second in Mercedes, and Lance Stroll was third in Williams.

Unique Ring

Baku street circle is a unique combination of wide and open stretches and narrow, turning parts that wind between the ancient and picturesque walls of the city.

The part of the loop along the Baku coast is the main flat driving zone, and most of the track goes through the winding streets of the old city.

The use of an adjustable spoiler in two zones is allowed in the first and third sectors.

Baku street halaga starts from the junction with Azadlig Square and presents an interesting scene from the very beginning.

After passing Freedom Square, the ring goes around the Government House, creating a difficult section for drivers.

This technical section requires precise driving, as the cars move around tight turns.

Prepare for a high-speed thrill as you head west for 1 km (0.62 mi) to the Shirvanshahs Palace and Maiden's Castle.

Drivers will push the limits of their cars by accelerating immediately before the next difficult section, reaching incredible speeds.

Drivers will experience a 7.6 m (25 ft) narrow ramp where they will test their car's limits and their own driving skills.

After a difficult uphill passage, the loop circles the Old City, offering a stunning view of the city's ancient walls and historical sites.

This section requires precise driving as the cars move through narrow streets.

The final part of the circuit opens for 2.2 km (1.4 mi) along Neftchilar Avenue and leads drivers to the starting line.

This high-speed stretch allows drivers to push their car's limits for the last time and finish the lap quickly.

The best tracking points

For the best spectator experience, the main Absheron grandstand is a great choice.

Here you will see cars braking at around 350 km/h around the 90 degree Turn 1 and you will likely witness most of the overtaking as well.

Another interesting scenic spot is the Icherisheher tribune, where you can watch the movement of cars from the 13th-15th turn to the super-fast section through the Double Gate gate.