“The development of artificial intelligence (AI) may bring about the end of the human race,” said

Stephen Hawking, one of the world's greatest scientists.

“Technology companies

should be responsible

To ensure that the company's products are safe before being released to the public. Will the AI ​​be harmful?

That still has to wait and see, ”

President Joe Biden of the United States. 

“I'm a little nervous about AI technology. I think it's something we should worry about.

We should have a regulator or something.

to help oversee AI development and ensure that AI operations are in the public interest,” said

Tesla owner Elon Musk.

Those are 3 interesting and worth listening perspectives on AI, a technology that could lead the world to drastic change…but why are they?

This artificial intelligence

Therefore, it was viewed on the other side with suspicion that ... it could be a threat to humanity. Today


go together to consider the



"AI technology"

that ... from the perspective. the view of foreign experts

1. Massive Job Loss

According to a 2020 World Economic Forum


AI-powered industries across industries

Whether it's marketing, production or even health care.

It may cost humans more than 85 million jobs, especially among medium and large businesses around the world.

Between 2020-2025

That's because...low-paying jobs that traditionally don't attract people.

will be replaced by AI technology until making those jobs

There is a need for less humans.

On the other hand, however, while AI technology could lead to the creation of 97 million new jobs by 2025, many workers who lack the skills required for those technical roles could be left behind.

2. Social Distortion with AI Algorithms

According to the 2018 report

“The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention and Mitigation,”

social distortion is one of the top threats. of AI, as can be seen from

Working with algorithms across social media platforms, users' feeds are flooded with content that correlates with what users have previously viewed on the platform.

Until leading to a channel for bad people to create a process of distorting information and causing chaos in society

This remains a question until now… is it the failure of the algorithm to filter malicious and invalid content?

3. Using AI to monitor social movements

The advancement of AI technology today has reached the level of facial recognition technology.

to keep track of the movement of a person to various places

Including using AI algorithms to predict where crime may occur in high-risk areas.

Which, although on the one hand, may have a positive effect on the prevention and suppression of terrorism

But on the other hand, it could also affect the privacy and security of individuals.

If these technologies are used for organized crime

4. Human ethics that could be deteriorated by AI

The advent of


technology has caused many concerns and questions in society.

Integrity in creating academic works, literature, and creative ideas

will still be able to continue to exist or not

Since there are some people who are ready to abandon their loyalty to use


to create those works out to earn money.

without regard to the accuracy of the information as well as the overall social responsibility

5. Creating Deadly Weapons Controlled by AI

Imagine if ... if the war weapons industry

Can produce lethal weapons that can kill people without human control, what will happen?

because in addition to it would cause a risk to the lives of the general public

If there is a cyber attack in the hope of infiltrating and controlling those weapons.

Maybe... the end of the world will come.

6. Risks that could lead to a major financial crisis:

Nowadays, the financial industry is increasingly embracing


technology to participate in financial and trading processes.

Even on the one hand,

AI algorithms

may not be overshadowed by human-like multi-emotional decisions.

and can trade at the same time

Quickly combine hundreds of thousands of items in just a few seconds to generate profits.

It can also provide quantitative information so investors can make informed decisions.

On the other hand,

the AI ​​algorithm

does not take into account the interconnectedness of the market context.

Until it can lead to severe volatility in many markets at the same time.

Thai Rath online news team reports

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