Start of the 49th Parliament.

The meeting is convened by Decree No. 48 of April 10, 2023 of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev on the basis of Art.

75 of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The document was promulgated on April 11, 2023 in issue 34 of the State Gazette.

The first bell of the new parliament will be rung by the oldest deputy - Vezhdi Rashidov.

The people's representatives will take an oath: "I swear in the name of the Republic of Bulgaria to respect the Constitution and laws of the country and in all my actions to be guided by the interests of the people."

After taking the oath, the people's representatives will sign oath sheets.

The anthem of Bulgaria and the anthem of the European Union will be played in the plenary hall. 

President Rumen Radev is expected to address the people and the National Assembly.

Traditionally, at the first session of the newly elected parliament, statements are made by representatives of the parties and coalitions represented in the National Assembly.

After that, the chairman of the 49th National Assembly is expected to be elected.

The Chair will take the lead in the meeting and make a speech.

The deputies will also elect the deputy speakers of the parliament.

The first session of the 49th National Assembly will be attended by President Rumen Radev, Vice President Iliana Yotova, as well as acting Prime Minister Galab Donev and members of the acting government.

Representatives of the Constitutional Court, the judiciary, various state institutions, the diplomatic corps and the religious denominations registered in the country are invited.

The previous presidents and chairmen of the National Assembly were also invited to be guests at the first meeting.

We remind you that GERB-SDS will have 69 deputies, "We continue the change - Democratic Bulgaria" (PP-DB) - 64, "Vazrazhdane" - 37, DPS - 36, BSP - 23 and "There is such a people" (ITN) - 11 .

National Assembly