The Keelung MRT line runs from Badu Station to Nangang Station, with a total length of 16.05 kilometers and 13 stations along the line.

(taken from the EIA document)

[Reporter Chen Jiayi/Taipei Report] The Keelung MRT, which Keelung people have been looking forward to for more than 20 years, successfully passed the environmental impact assessment review yesterday.

The environmental impact assessment conference of the Environmental Protection Agency reviewed the "Environmental Impact Statement of the First Phase of the Route Construction Plan for the Commuter Rail Between Keelung and South Ports".

The Keelung MRT line runs from Badu Station to Nangang Station, with a total length of 16.

○5 kilometers, a total of 13 stations along the line; the section of "Xizhi District Office Station - Xike Station - Zhangshuwan Station" is about one.

Six kilometers belong to the project scope of Xidong MRT (Minsheng Xizhi Line), and share the Shehou Machine Factory with Xidong MRT.

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The plane section is Badu Station, the elevated section from the west of Qidu Station to Zhangshuwan Station, the surface section of Nanyang Bridge section, and the underground section of Nangang Exhibition Hall and Nangang.

Jian Liangui, the convener of the EIA task force, said that during the initial review stage of the case, the EIA committee mentioned that the Xizhi section was prone to landslides and landslides, and asked to develop an emergency response plan for safety monitoring, and strengthen ecological impact mitigation and conservation measures.

At the EIA meeting yesterday, the Environmental Commission requested that the monitoring of roadkill animals in the construction area be strengthened during the construction period and agreed to pass the EIA.