The people of Chiang Mai could not stand it anymore.

Therefore, they must join together to file a lawsuit.

General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and related ministers

National Environment Board

and the Securities and Exchange Commission

File a lawsuit with the Chiang Mai Administrative Court.

non-compliance base

according to the environmental quality law

Let the air pollution crisis protracted for many months.

Some days, the PM 2.5 dust value is as high as 480 micrograms per cubic meter.

32 times higher than world standards on April 9 at noon

The air quality index is 200.5 micrograms per cubic meter.

But it rose to the highest in the world in the afternoon.

Mr. Chatchawan Thongdelert,

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chiang Mai Breath Council

It is proposed to proactively and preventively solve problems. There must be a constitution, a law, a plan, a budget, and a need to encourage changes from the old model.

This lawsuit was led by the Law Foundation.

and the Faculty of Law, Chiang Mai University

News reports indicate that

Air pollution or toxic dust PM 2.5

this year has become more severe since late February.

at certain times in Bangkok and Chiang Mai

It has been hailed as the city with the worst weather in the world.

spread to other provinces in the north

and many provinces in the Northeast such as Loei, Bueng Kan and Nakhon Phanom

air pollution in the north

Caused mostly by burning forests.

Because forests are burning in Thailand, Burma and Laos. Thailand has 2,278 heat spots, Burma 5,324, and Laos 6,676.

But in Myanmar and Laos

Most occur in rural areas.

not densely populated

But Thailand happens in big cities.

such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, in addition to affecting people's health, it also affects tourism.

which is the source of income up to 70% of Chiang Mai

and how to solve the problem

The government still uses most of the same methods,

such as not burning forests and asking people not to leave the house if it's not necessary.

To wear a mask, in Bangkok, often use water to spray on the streets.

The PM 2.5 crisis reflects the government's unpreparedness.

in the face

with new problems

Even high-profile political parties seem to ignore the issue of air pollution.

cause of death

But competing to give away money

Who can give more to the heart of the grace?