The staff of the school chair in the village of Tokachka in Krumovgrad is healthy, according to the results of the Regional Health Inspection in Kardzhali.

They were reached after elementary school students sought medical help with suspected food poisoning.

Samples were taken from all 13 workers in the school chair.

The data show that no pathogenic microflora is isolated in them.

The results of the Food Agency are also expected in the coming days.

The school chair, which was closed immediately after the incident, will likely reopen after spring break.

This is the first such case in the Krumovgrad municipality and therefore it is worrying, commented the mayor Sebihan Mehmed.

Students from the village of Tokachka in Krumovgrad were transported to the hospital in Kardzhali.

Doubts are about poisoning

"It's normal to be worried. We're human beings - mothers and grandmothers and so on. Of the two children who are hospitalized, the first one has been vomiting since the morning, and the second one was on antibiotics and went to school. So there is no guarantee. But whatever, the important thing is that the children are fine," she said, quoted by BNR.

11 children sought medical help with suspected food poisoning.

Two remained in hospital.

They are now discharged and at home.

school canteen

Tokachka village