City councilor Shen Youlian said that she would not run for the legislator and would give the opportunity to young people.

(Photo by reporter Su Jinfeng)

[Reporter Su Jinfeng/Taichung Report] The nomination of the Kuomintang Central Municipal Legislators is expected to be registered from April 17th to 19th. However, Shen Youlian, a city councilor who originally wanted to run for the 5th constituency of Beitun in the North District, said that she would not run for the election. She believed that the KMT Young people should be allowed to work hard in the Legislative Yuan. She also encouraged the city councilor Huang Jianhao who was rumored to be running for election to bravely register for election.

The Central City Party Headquarters of the Kuomintang has completed the first stage of nomination and submitted it to the Party Central Committee. It is expected to start the second stage of registration in urban areas from April 17 to 19, which are the 4th, 5th, and 6th constituencies.

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At present, in the 4th constituency of Xitun and Nantun, the son of city councilor Huang Xinhui and the deputy spokesperson of the Kuomintang, Liao Weixiang, are running for election.

In the 5th constituency of Beitun, North District, it was originally reported that city councilors Shen Youlian and Huang Jianhao would run for election, but Shen Youlian believed that the Legislative Yuan should let young people work hard, so she decided not to run for the election, and encouraged Huang Jianhao to register for the election.

In addition, in the 6th constituency of the Central West Southeast District, it was reported that the city councilor Luo Tingwei would run for election.