The people of Chiang Mai and the northern part of the country no longer endured and flocked to sign their names to support the Faculty of Law.

Chiang Mai University

in conjunction with the Law of Law Foundation for the Environment

filed a groundbreaking lawsuit from the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Environment Board to the SEC to the Chiang Mai Administrative Court

Indifference and failure to resolve problems

in spite of the legal authority

Instead, it leaves people exposed to toxic dust that is dangerous to life and health for months.

Situation of dust and smoke that covers the northern region

Especially the provinces that have areas adjacent to neighboring countries are still heavy.

Throughout the day of April 9 at the Faculty of Law

Chiang Mai University

Residents of Chiang Mai and those affected by dust, smoke, forest fires and air pollution that have been prolonged for months have joined the signing process continuously.

to support the public network

led by the Law Foundation for the Environment and the Faculty of Laws

Chiang Mai University filed a lawsuit against Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, including ministers involved.

National Environment Board

and the Securities and Exchange Commission

(SEC) to the Chiang Mai Administrative Court on April 10 for not performing duties in accordance with

The Enhancement and Conservation of the National Environmental Quality Act of 1992, especially in section 9 and section 10, including an action plan to drive the national agenda.

Solving the problem of dust pollution

Securities and Exchange

To comply with laws and policies that have been established.

to reduce the severity of the smoke and dust situation that occurred during this period

For an overview of the smoke and dust situation in Chiang Mai Province, reporters reported that

even on

On April 8th, there will be a flight of royal rain operations in the area.

Kalayaniwattana District and Samoeng District, as well as the wind blowing during some periods, causing the smoke in the city of Chiang Mai to fade somewhat.

But on the morning of April 9, the condition of the entire city of Chiang Mai was again covered with thick dust and smoke, and the smell of burning smoke lingered in the air as usual.

while reporting the results of detecting hot spots from satellites

In the morning, only 16 thermal spots were found in Chiang Mai. The most common ones were Chiang Dao District with 5 points, Mae Chaem District 4 points, Samoeng District 2 points and Chai Prakan District 2 points.

At the same time, the website ranks cities with global pollution at 10:00 a.m. in Chiang Mai with an air quality index of 250 US AQI and dust particles smaller than 2.5 microns or PM 2.5 measured at 200.5 micrograms per cubic meter ( mcg/m3) The pollution value is the second highest of the main cities with the highest air pollution in the world, but in the afternoon, the condition of Chiang Mai city was still covered with thick smoke

Although it was a little lighter compared to the past few days.

But the air pollution value is still higher than the standard and affecting health, according to the website, Chiang Mai Province has an air quality index of 195 US AQI and the PM 2.5 value is measured at 141.6 mcg/m3. No. 1 city with the highest air pollution in the world once again

As for the case, the Meteorological Department expects summer storms and strong winds during this period.

It appeared that on the evening of April 8, a summer storm hit many provinces in the central and eastern regions, and some areas also had hail.

damage buildings

Many houses, such as Wat Rumparam

(Wat Ban Kluai) Tha Wung Subdistrict, Tha Wung District, Province

Lopburi, who is organizing a Likae performance of the Le Chatrak Show in the evening

While the group of almost 50 lives, beautifully staged and decorated with electricity

Start of the outing

The bagpipes begin to play.


and there was a violent storm

Those waiting to watch Mae Yok fled to a safe place.

The wind caused the stage scene to be blown away and damaged.

The stage collapsed, followed by a complete power outage.

The Likay group that were dressed backstage had to run away to escape in different directions.

and after the rainstorm and wind had subsided, everyone came to look at the stage and found that it was all damaged.

cannot continue to show

The protagonist and heroine Likay help each other to collect as many items as they can to repair.

for damages this time

The Faculty of Like is in the process of exploring and inspecting.

As in Nam Ron Subdistrict, Wichian Buri District, Phetchabun Province, strong winds caused large trees to be broken and blocked the thoroughfare of Ban Nam Ron - Wichian Buri Road.

Including overthrowing high-voltage wires, causing widespread power outages in Tha Daeng District, Nong Phai District, resulting from strong winds

causing the destruction of many houses