Tainan's "Luermen Mama" went to Sun Moon Lake's "Land, Sea, and Sky Prayer for Rain". Participants carried Mazu on their backs and ran around the Yidashao shopping district.

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)

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"God" Assists in Relief of Drought!

Mothers of Luermen in Tainan went to Sun Moon Lake to pray for rain

[Reporter Xie Jieyu/Report from Nantou] Sun Moon Lake prayed for rain on land, sea, and air today (8th) afternoon. Liu Qifan, the mayor of Yuchi Township, Nantou County, and the people took turns carrying the Mazu of the orthodox Luermen Notre Dame Temple in Tainan, commonly known as "Luermen Mama". Run, take a boat, and take a cable car to go around the land, sea and air to pray for rain and relieve the suffering of drought and water shortage.

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Affected by the front, Nantou County has been cloudy and rainy for the past two days. However, according to the monitoring data of the Daguan Power Plant in charge of managing the Sun Moon Lake Reservoir, the water storage capacity of the Sun Moon Lake Reservoir today is only 0.15% higher than yesterday, and the effective storage capacity is 71.4925 million Cubic meters, the water storage capacity of the entire reservoir is only 55.1%, and the "Nine Frog Statues" have not even been able to wash off the sludge on their bodies.

The local people look forward to praying for rain at "Luermen Mom" ​​to patrol Sun Moon Lake, so that the rainwater in Sun Moon Lake can not only be sustained, but also concentrated in the water catchment area, which can meet the first phase of rice production in Nantou, Changhua, Yunlin and other three counties and cities at the end of the month. Irrigation water at heading stage.

Tainan's "Luermen Mama" went to Sun Moon Lake to "Pray for Rain on Land, Sea, and Sky". Yuchi Township Mayor Liu Qifan carried Mazu on his back to the pier to board a boat and circle the area.

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)

In Nantou County, even two days of cloudy and rainy days, Sun Moon Lake's "Nine Frogs" sludge was not cleaned.

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)

After two consecutive days of cloudy and rainy days in Nantou County, the water volume of Sun Moon Lake only increased by about 0.15%.

(Photographed by reporter Xie Jieyu)