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The German government must take tougher measures against German companies that circumvent European Union sanctions against Russia by continuing to do business through third countries, Economy Minister Robert Habeck said today, quoted by DPA.

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"We owe this not least to the people of Ukraine," Habek told German media group Funke.

After Russia's full-scale invasion of neighboring Ukraine more than 13 months ago, the EU imposed 10 packages of sanctions, including wide-ranging trade restrictions, DPA said.

When it comes to fighting illegal circumvention of these measures, Germany can learn from Denmark, Habeck said.

He explained that the Danish customs authorities analyze trade flows and customs data very carefully for anomalies.

"If such anomalies appear, for example, a large amount of certain goods that were previously destined for Russia, and now it suddenly turns out that they will be delivered in almost the same amount to another third country, this is a reason for an investigation," gave an example of the German Minister of Economy.

The Council of the EU extended by six months the individual sanctions imposed because of the war in Ukraine

He noted that in such a case the Danish authorities require an explanation from the responsible company.

German foreign trade law allows for such procedures, but Habeck says the government does not make sufficient use of these provisions.

At the end of February, Germany's economy minister, who is also vice chancellor, proposed concrete steps to improve the fight against sanctions circumvention.

Habek said that the plans are currently being discussed within the government and with Berlin's EU partners, BTA notes.

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