On April 1, it became known about the death of defender Danyil Lyashuk with the call sign "Mujahed", who fought against the Russian occupiers since 2014.

First, there was information that the defender gave his life for Ukraine near the city of Bakhmut.

However, this information was later denied.

His comrades from the "Vendetta" unit, Karim and Damir, told about this,

24 Kanal

writes  .

It is noted that the defender was a Belarusian volunteer, the commander and founder of the "Vendetta" combat group, who dreamed of Ukrainian citizenship.

The brother of the deceased emphasized that it happened in another place and added that "Mujahed" was mortally wounded in a settlement that was stormed by the aggressor.

"Taking three people, Daniil went to this settlement to stop this attack. As a result, he received a non-life-threatening injury and died there," said Karim.

Also, "Vendetta" fighters denied the information that "Mujahed" died on April 1.

As it turned out, it happened on the night of March 31

We will remind you that a Ukrainian military man from Belarus, Lyashuk Daniil, died while defending


 from Russian invaders.

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