On Friday, April 7, Romanian F-16 fighter jets intercepted Russian aircraft spotted in international waters in NATO's area of ​​responsibility.

This was reported by the Air Force of Romania.

Two F-16 fighter jets of the Carpathian Viper squadron were said to have been alerted by the NATO Air Operations Center in Eden, Germany, that two unidentified aircraft had been spotted flying over international waters in the NATO area of ​​responsibility.

After the interception, the fighters were identified as Russian Su-27s.

Romanian pilots accompanied them to the exit from the area of ​​responsibility of the Alliance.

It is noted that the Romanian F-16s went on a mission six days after the start of their duty as part of an enhanced air patrol mission in the Baltics.

We will remind, from June 12 to 23, NATO member states will conduct the largest aviation exercises in their history, Air Defender 2023. In particular, on the territory of the countries bordering Russia.

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