Confrontation between western powers led by the United States.

with the Eastern Powers China and Russia

Every day more and more intense

And there was no sign of reconciliation in such a short time.

The situation at this shaft, if it is the easiest to understand, is

One side tries to maintain their power base and maintain the world order.

or beautiful language

orderliness under the law

While the other side sees that it's time for the world to have multiple cores of power.

not held by only one side

since the tragedy

“World War 2”

ended in 1945, the United States benefited the most from the devastation.

Regions such as Europe, Russia, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, North Africa depend on the US industrial economy that has not been damaged by war.

Plus, with the Brenton Woods Agreement, countries agreed to abandon their own currency or gold-backed currency.

and tied its own currency to USD "US Dollar", with the dollar being the only currency backed by gold.

There are also conditions that

Every nation has to tie its currency to gold or the dollar.

And the existing dollar can be exchanged for gold at the rate of $ 35 per 1 ounce (31 grams) ... Dollar has become a medium of international trade.

For decades wealth has flowed to the United States.

Until becoming the number 1 superpower in the world and later the Brenton system

Woods would collapse in 1971 under President Richard Nixon's declaration of gold backing.

But the dollar continued to dominate the world's dominant currency through two key mechanisms: the sale of US public debt to other countries in the form of government bonds;

and the petrodollar system

Agreements with the world's major oil exporting nations

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman to use the US dollar as a single currency for trading "oil" in return for benefits and security protection.

All this has made things smooth until now.

Although the United States will manage how much demolished it is.

No matter how much it affects the world, it's not a problem.

Because everyone has to spend dollars anyway.

Of course, for opposing powers.

which has accumulated economic power and wealth since the end of the Cold War, has been trying to find a solution in this regard for a long time.

The BRICs include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

ideas have been proposed

"New intermediary money"

or trading with the currency of one's own country.

direct exchange

But still nothing materialized.

However, some analysts believe that

the "turning point"

may have already arrived.

from the situation of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict

After international encounters with the extreme mechanisms of the United States and the West trying to cut Russia from the global financial banking system.

and confiscated more than $300 billion in Russian reserves, or more than 10.2 trillion baht

The United States and its Western allies are increasingly taking a more extreme stance on setting a new world order.

Anyone who doesn't fit into the ranks, doesn't follow, or obstructs interests, will suffer (even old ally France is still being held back about the sale of submarines to Australia).

that many people will start to see

What would you do if you were yourself one day?

Therefore, it is not at all strange that the process

“Reduce dependence on the dollar”

was re-ignited.

The leader of the group is the world's No. 2 economic power

"People's Republic of China"

, which started trading with Russia by using the RMB


currency directly. Many countries use the yuan to trade with Russia, India, Brazil, Iran, and also open the door for further negotiations on whether to trade with the Indian rupee or the Russian ruble.

At the beginning of April,


began to keep the yuan as a foreign reserve currency, second only to the dollar.


's energy company

closes direct yuan-denominated gas sales from China, while the


government , the backbone of the system, has agreed to buy natural gas from China directly in yuan.

The Petrodollar also announced for the first time that it was ready to allow other currencies besides the dollar to trade oil.

Is it possible that

Saudi has taken

Other Arab countries will follow in their footsteps.

Currently, the United States has a huge public debt of $ 31.6 trillion or more than 1,074 trillion baht, but with the dollar being a

"valuable item"

, it can continue to survive as a country.

But if one day the dollar is depreciated

It is inevitable that the United States will suffer the consequences of its own actions.

Still, the eagle nation that had set the direction of the world for almost 80 years would not have given up so easily.

There has to be a response in some way.

which must wait and see whether to use ingenuity or challenge directly

Weerapot Inthaphan