The school bus driver surnamed Xie stretched out his wolf claws at the female students.

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[Reporter Wu Zhengfeng/Taipei Report] A male school bus driver surnamed Xie in Taoyuan, who took a mentally handicapped female student to class, molested her five times in the car, and locked the victim alone in the car, ignoring her crying for help.

The High Court found that Xie Nan was guilty of indecent assault on a plane and sentenced to 1 year and 9 months in prison, and 3 months in prison for the crime of obstructing freedom. However, considering that he settled with the other party for 550,000 yuan, he was probated for 4 years and should complete 4 legal education courses.

Xie Nan got acquainted with a female student because he drove a school bus. Seeing that she had a mental defect, Xie Nan became lustful. In 2019, when he was driving her to class and there was no one in the car, he touched her breasts five times; can be silently defiled by it.

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One day, Xie Nan drove the female student to the bus parking lot, maliciously left her in the bus, closed the door and left, ignoring the victim's yelling and crying in the bus and asking to get off the bus. The time lasted for 5 minutes. Xie Nan He opened the car door and let her go.

The female student mentioned this to her grandmother one day, and the grandmother was stunned. After further questioning, she found out that her granddaughter was being bullied by the school bus driver. She quickly notified her parents and called the police.

Since the female student was underage, the punishment should be increased according to the law. Xie Nanyan judged that the situation was serious and immediately begged the female student and her parents to forgive. The two parties reached a settlement of 500,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan respectively.

After considering Xie male offender, the high court admitted to the crime, reached a settlement with the female student and his parents and paid the full payment, and also considered that he was married and had a high school child. He was sentenced to 1 year and 9 months for the crime of intentionally molesting a juvenile offender. The juvenile deprives others of freedom of movement and is sentenced to 3 months in prison.

After the reconciliation, the female students and their parents agreed to give Xie Nan a chance of probation. The high court believed that Xie Nan should be vigilant after the investigation, interrogation and monetary compensation. He should be vigilant and there is no risk of recidivism. It decided to suspend his sentence for 4 years in order to start a new life. , and also ordered him to accept 4 legal education courses to prevent recidivism, which can be appealed.