When is Easter for Catholics in 2023 and why is the date different from Orthodox

Catholic Easter 2023 falls on

April 9, 2023.

This is exactly one week earlier than for Orthodox believers.

Catholics and Orthodox calculate the date of Easter differently, which is why these two holidays are celebrated most often on different days.

By the way, even if the Orthodox Church of Ukraine decides to switch to a new church calendar, the date of Easter will still not coincide with the Catholics.

But then we will celebrate other church holidays together.

Why did this happen?

Since the 16th century, the Catholic and Orthodox churches have used different paschals, that is, methods of calculating Easter.

The majority of Orthodox churches, in particular the OCU, celebrate the date of the Resurrection of Christ using the day of the spring equinox according to the old style, while Catholics use the new one.

In the Eastern tradition, the so-called Alexandrian Passover is used for calculation:

Full moon(Y) = March 21 + [(19×[Y÷19] + 15)÷ 30].

If the value Full Moon(Y)< 32, then the date of the full moon will be in March;

If the value of Full Moon(Y)>= 32, then we need to subtract 31 days, and we will get a date in April.

Catholics use the new Easter, which was created by the Neapolitan astronomer Aloysius Lilius and the German Jesuit monk Christopher Clavius.

Most often, according to the Western tradition, Easter comes a week earlier (in 45% of cases), in 30% of cases the dates may coincide.

Very rarely, the celebration differs by 4-5 weeks.

But there is no difference in 2-3 weeks.

Traditions and customs of Catholic Easter

In many ways, the Catholic Easter differs from the Orthodox.

First of all, the differences begin at the stage of preparation for the holiday.

Catholic Lent lasts a week less, and its severity is milder.

On Sunday (Easter), believers must visit churches and listen to the Easter service.

In churches, a special fire is lit, which is a symbol of hope and light, which the Lord gave to humanity.

Believers light candles on this fire and carry them home.

Also, Catholics gather as a whole family for the festive table.

There must be colored boiled eggs, chocolate candies in the shape of eggs and bunnies, rabbit or turkey meat on the table.

Easter holiday baking is somewhat similar to Ukrainian Paska, but it is quite rare among Catholics.

For Catholics, the main symbol of the holiday is the Easter rabbit.

According to legend, this beast brings a basket of chocolate eggs to every home and hides them in the garden.

Children love to look for these eggs and enjoy sweets.

Do Catholics celebrate Easter: holiday baking

Catholics, like Orthodox, consecrate products in a basket.

However, you will not find a belt in them.

Most often they put meat, sausages, cheese, butter, eggs.

In general, every country has its own tradition of Easter baking.

For example, Italians bake a yeast bread called Colombo, which is shaped like a dove.

The English love buttery buns with a cross on top, which they call hot cross buns, and in neighboring Poland shortbread pies with fruit or nut filling are popular - mazureki.\

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