Economic growth of 1.8%, inflation 8.7%, minimum wage - in the freezer, unemployment 4.2%, pensions up 12.6% since July, budget deficit 3%, new debt ceiling - 10 billion. BGN. 

This will most likely be the macro-framework that the acting finance minister will propose to the government, which in turn will submit to the parliament on May 3, if there is no regular government by then, writes "24 Chasa".  

"The final estimates are not yet ready, some indicators may undergo changes," said an informed source.

However, two numbers are "fixed" - a deficit of 3% and economic growth of 1.8%, as predicted by the World Bank in its latest forecast.

In 2024, the economy will return to the usual growth of about 3.3% in recent years. 

Galab Donev: If there is no regular government by the end of April, we will submit the draft budget for 2023.

Unemployment will remain low at 4.1%, with social benefits assumed in a labor market without sharp shocks.

The minimum wage will remain in the freezer until the end of this year.

For the next one, it is expected to reach BGN 940, as Velkova has already announced.

There will be indexation of budget salaries, but by between 8 and 10%, and in ministries and departments where salaries have not been changed since the beginning of last year.

Dove Donev