Chen Qimai invited the social workers for tea today, thanking the social workers for their hard work.

(Photo by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

[Reporter Wang Rongxiang/Kaohsiung Report] Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai participated in the Kaohsiung Social Worker's Day celebration today. Under the applause and encore of all social workers, he sang "Red Bean" again after 4 years!

He also publicly promised that when he comes to perform on Mayday next year, he will go to the Kaohsiung MRT World Games Station outside the main venue of the World Games, and find "Station Master (Lin Zhongming)" to sing embarrassing songs.

To celebrate Social Worker’s Day on April 2, Chen Qimai invites social workers who have been commended by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and Nangaoping District to have a tea talk. He thanks the social workers for their daily hard work and looks forward to everyone’s efforts to keep Kaohsiung’s social welfare at the forefront and let all walks of life see social workers’ hard work and dedication. value.

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The classrooms organized by the Social Affairs Bureau have already prepared many lyrics in advance, prepared microphones and speakers, and asked Chen Qimai to sing a few songs; Chen Qimai first sang Xu Ruyun's dream come true with councilors Li Yahui, Tang Yongyu and others, and immediately received enthusiastic response , followed by Encore.

He looked at the song list provided by the Social Affairs Bureau, and picked the most familiar "red bean" without a word, and revealed that it was 4 years ago that he sang red bean last time, and the social workers in the audience once again gave warm applause.

Chen Qimai then carefully looked at the lyrics and led everyone to sing together. He did not forget to remind the Social Affairs Bureau to enlarge the lyrics next time. At the end of the song, he also announced that when Mayday next year will hold a concert in Kaohsiung, he will definitely come to the main venue Outside the Kaohsiung MRT World Games Station, I asked the "Station Master" to sing awkward songs.

Lin Zhongming, director of Gaojie Qiaotou Sugar Factory, recently supported the Mayday concert and Gaojie Shiyun Station’s transportation tasks. He sang live on the platform to relieve the boredom of the five fans waiting in line, and he became popular instantly; , and sent a battle post to Chen Qimai from the air, hoping to use "Blue Rain (one of Jacky Cheung's famous songs)" against Chen Qimai's favorite "Red Bean".

Afterwards, Chen Qimai visited the Gaojie World Games Station and cheered for the stationmaster Lin Zhongming. He also laughed and said that he would help the stationmaster hold a concert, but he did not promise to sing with the stationmaster. It was not until today's social worker day celebration that he responded to the stationmaster's expectation .

Chen Qimai not only sang live today, but also posed for photos with outstanding social workers in various poses in conjunction with the event, hoping to pay tribute and thanks to all social workers on behalf of citizens and friends with the most sincere and direct actions.

Chen Qimai sang "Red Bean" again after 4 years at the Social Worker's Day celebration.

(Photo by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

Chen Qimai poses for a photo with a social worker.

(Photo by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

Chen Qimai is acting cute together with the social worker.

(Photo by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

Chen Qimai participated in the social worker's day celebration and had fun with social workers.

(Photo by reporter Wang Rongxiang)