Kuomintang legislators Fei Hongtai (from left), Zeng Mingzong, and Li Dewei held a press conference on "Lack of Eggs! Lack of Eggs! No Eggs or Get Out!" at the Legislative Yuan Party Group on the 6th, suggesting that the Council of Agriculture establish a transparent production and marketing platform.

(Photo by reporter Tu Jianrong)

[Reporter Wang Qianhao/Taipei Report] Aiming at Taiwan’s short-term egg shortage problem, the Legislative Yuan KMT Group held a press conference today, pointing out that during the Qingming holiday, when visiting chain stores, supermarkets and traditional markets, the problem of egg shortage is still serious, and almost no eggs can be seen When it was sold on the shelves, Chen Jizhong, the chairman of the DPP government and the Council of Agriculture, promised to solve the egg shortage problem by the end of March, but again skipped the ticket.

The Kuomintang group demanded that if Chen Jizhong did not solve the problem of lack of eggs, please "get out" as soon as possible.

Zeng Mingzong, chief summoner of the Kuomintang League, said that the Kuomintang League has been receiving petitions from the public, how long will it be lacking?

DPP government officials have repeatedly promised to solve the egg shortage problem, but their votes have been bounced again and again.

Chen Jizhong said on March 1 this year: "It should be able to meet the needs of consumers, and work hard towards the goal of no shortage of eggs by the end of March!" Premier Chen Jianren said on February 24, "We will strive to have a stable supply before the end of April. , so that the people will not be greatly affected!" In fact, the DPP government's promises have been skipped.

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Zeng Mingzong pointed out that Chen Jizhong said that there are three reasons for the lack of eggs, including the prevalence of bird flu, the culling of more than 220,000 chickens, the soaring cost of feed, which has increased by 55% in the past two years, the reluctance of egg farmers to increase production, the impact of winter weather, and the cold snap Low temperature affects egg production and hatching rate.

I once questioned whether the three major reasons for the lack of eggs mentioned by Chen Jizhong have never happened in the past so many years?

Legislator Fei Hongtai called on the establishment of a transparent production and sales platform to let the people know when there will be a shortage of eggs. If we don't do it now, when will the Council of Agriculture wait?

The Council of Agriculture imports eggs from foreign countries, the first batch is supplied to large and medium-sized traders, and the second batch is supplied to stores and chain supermarkets. However, this is always an emergency, but it does not cure the root cause. At the same time, it will distort the market supply and demand mechanism.

Fei Hongtai emphasized that the Council of Agriculture uses the agricultural loss fund to import 5 million eggs from abroad, but there is a shortage of 2 to 4 million eggs a day in the country. Importing once a month can only provide a domestic supply of up to 2 days, while imported eggs The high costs required are paid by the whole people.

Legislator Li Dewei said that Chen Jizhong must take responsibility, if the problem of lack of eggs cannot be solved, then Chen Jizhong will leave!

The problem of egg shortage does not happen overnight. From the increase in feed costs, the decline in egg production rate, and the decrease in laying hens, etc., these are the most important issues. Should the Executive Yuan start thinking about establishing an egg national team by comparing the mask national team model?

Don't let the "sorrow of eggs" continue to ferment among the people. If the egg problem cannot be solved, can the DPP continue to govern?

Li Dewei emphasized that the continued import of eggs will affect the price of local eggs, and the egg industry will also be severely affected. He reminded the Council of Agriculture not to attack the local egg industry in order to solve the immediate egg shortage.