The baboon who wandered outside for 18 days died tragically at the end. The official bowed to say goodbye, which was questioned by lawmakers as inappropriate.

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[Reporter Zheng Shuting/Taoyuan Report] After the baboon capture incident, the Agriculture Bureau of the Peach City Government reported to the City Council for the first time today. During the report, Chen Guanyi, the director of the Agriculture Bureau, once again expressed "regret" over the capture of the baboons. The Forestry Division is the only one who undertakes wildlife conservation, and was ordered by the Taoyuan District Prosecutor's Office to pay 100,000 yuan in security according to the Wildlife Conservation Law.

Councilor Lu Lin Xiaofeng questioned that the core of the animal protection department is "protect animals and respect life", but these 8 words were not seen in the case of baboons. The Agricultural Bureau first clarified the truth; Councilor Zheng Shufang ridiculed Chen Guanyi that "the director is very famous recently". In addition to the results of the self-requested punishment, the Agricultural Bureau is required to submit the current list of punishments and the follow-up SOP process review.

Councilors Yu Xinxian and Wei Jun questioned the "Baboon Catching War Room" and the Baboon Catching Organization, which are completely inconsistent with the legal status and have no rules. Baboons are protected animals and fall within the scope of the Wildlife Conservation Law. The competent authority should be the Forestry Division of the Agricultural Bureau, but However, Wang Deji, the director of the animal protection division, was in charge of the baboon arresting war room and the chief commander of the arresting baboons. It was completely inconsistent with the handling of the wild animal protection. Some colleagues in the forestry department were even ordered by the prosecution to pay 100,000 yuan in bail because of this case. Councilor Wang Peiyu questioned, The capture of the baboon aerial camera has sought the assistance of two private companies, both of which are related to the special committee Lu Jiye, but they have not purchased according to the procurement law, which is suspected of administrative flaws and profit-seeking manufacturers.

Lin Zhengxian pointed out that the baboon incident, especially the last farewell photo, was unbelievable and over-the-top for show. The whole process was inappropriate and ridiculous. All the efforts made by Mayor Zhang Shanzheng in the past 100 days in power have been covered by the baboon, except for the director who asked for punishment. , suggested that the director and the commander-in-chief Wang Deji take the initiative to donate one month's salary to animal protection groups.

Councilors Ye Mingyue, Tu Quanji, Zhang Guimian, and Qian Long demanded that the Bureau of Agriculture be held accountable and reviewed as soon as possible, and return to professionalism as soon as possible. Did the baboon incident hurt the morale of the Bureau of Agriculture, and the director lost weight?" Chen Guanyi responded, "We will cheer up."

In this regard, Su Junbin, deputy mayor of Taoyuan City, responded that neither the process nor the posing of the baboon roundup was appropriate. There will be a follow-up review and accountability. Because too many units are involved, the prosecutors are now involved in the investigation to clarify the truth.

Chen Guanyi once again expressed regret for the baboon capture incident in his work report. He said that the baboon capture incident was originally expected to be a happy ending, but such an unexpected result happened. The Agriculture Bureau is deeply regretful and will review the relevant procedures and implementation details, and Work with the central government to develop improvement measures to avoid the recurrence of regrettable incidents.

Concerning the inconsistency of the rights and responsibilities of catching baboons, Chen Guanyi said that the situation room for catching baboons was established at the beginning of the incident, and was used for information collection and notification. "He is responsible for all successes and failures." Currently, there is only one person in charge of the forestry department. Therefore, personnel from the animal protection department are invited to assist. It is a pity that the accident happened. How to improve it in the future, including mutual research with the central government on wild or aggressive animals The way to deal with it is to quickly fill this loophole.

After the Feifei arrest incident, the Agriculture Bureau of the Peach City Government was the first to report to the City Council. Chen Guanyi, the director of the Agriculture Bureau, once again expressed regret over the Feifei roundup.

(Photo by reporter Zheng Shuting)