On the 6th, Legislative President You Xikun met Zeng Jianyuan, chairman of the Citizens Oversight Congress Alliance, and a group of international human rights scholars and experts.

(Photo by reporter Tu Jianrong)

[Reporter Wang Qianhao/Taipei Report] Legislative Yuan You Xikun held a meeting with the visiting delegation of European and American international human rights scholars today.

You Xikun said that Taiwan often ranks at the top of the index of global democracy evaluation, which completely breaks the myth that former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew said that "human rights and democracy are imported from the West and are not suitable for Asian countries". Breed a vigorous religious beliefs and activities.

You Xikun met with the "Visiting Group of European and American International Human Rights Scholars" in the briefing room of the Legislative Yuan today, and held a symposium to share their views on religious freedom.

Interview members include Massimo, editor-in-chief of Bitter Winter magazine.

Massimo Introvigne, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics, and consultant to the Human Rights Research Center Elaine.

Eileen Barker, co-founder and chairman of Human Rights Without Borders, Belgium.

Willy Fautré, Rosita Šorytė, co-founder and chairman of the International Religious Freedom Observatory for Refugees, etc.

In addition, Zeng Jianyuan, chairman of the Citizens Oversight Congress Alliance, and Wang Dingyu, chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Legislative Yuan, also participated in the discussion.

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You Xikun said in his speech that the delegation would choose a country every year. As the host country of the Human Rights and Freedom of Belief Forum, we feel very honored to have chosen Taiwan this year!

Because this means that Taiwan's efforts in human rights, democracy, and freedom have been affirmed.

You Xikun pointed out that on February 2 this year, in the "2022 Global Democracy Index Report" released by the British "Economist Intelligence Unit" (EIU), Taiwan ranked 10th in the world among the 167 countries and regions evaluated, for two consecutive years In addition, on March 9 this year, the "Freedom House" of the United States released the "Global Freedom in 2023" report. Taiwan scored 94 points out of 210 countries and regions, tied with Germany, Iceland, Estonia, and Chile It is ranked 17th in the list of free countries. This score is second only to Japan in Asia, ranking second in Asia. It completely breaks the myth that Lee Kuan Yew said that "human rights and democracy are imported from the West and not suitable for Asian countries."

You Xikun believes that Taiwan's vigorous religious beliefs and activities are nurtured in an environment of democracy and freedom.

In a 2014 report by the Pew Research Center in the United States, Taiwan's Religion Diversity Index ranked second among 232 countries and regions in the world.

In Taiwan, people who believe in any religion will be respected. Whether they believe in Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, or other sects, everyone can settle down physically and mentally and take refuge in something.

Respect and diversity are the attitudes of Taiwanese society towards religion, and because religion always persuades people to do good, the society is more peaceful and tolerant.

You Xikun mentioned that in February this year, he went to Washington DC to participate in the "International Religious Freedom Summit (IRF)". During his speech, he solemnly pointed out that there are still many people in the world who live in fear because of their religious beliefs and may be deprived of it at any time. life and human rights.

In particular, the CCP’s suppression of religion is ubiquitous.

In 2020, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the "Five-Year Plan" for the Sinicization of Christianity. Within 4 months, the crosses of 250 churches in Anhui Province will be removed.

You also mentioned that in Tibet, countless Tibetans were arrested and sentenced for worshiping the Dalai Lama; In settlements, mosques were demolished; 3 mosques in Yunnan Province were closed.

What the CCP has eliminated is not only religion, but also the mother tongue, culture, and beliefs of an ethnic group. Its scourges are too numerous to describe.

You Xikun finally said that he was very touched by everyone present, who has been working hard for the basic human rights of religious freedom for a long time.

You are not afraid of the power of the CCP, you care about the freedom of religion in China, you expose the dark corners of the world, speak out for the persecuted and suffering people, and fight for their due rights and interests. On behalf of the Taiwan Congress, I would like to express my high respect to you all.