Easter greetings: prose and poems

From the bottom of our hearts, we congratulate you on the Easter of Christ, and may joy and peace of mind reign in your hearts!

May health, love, happiness, well-being come to your home, may the soul become brighter, the heart aflame with love, and thoughts become sincere and kind.

All earthly blessings to you!

Easter pictures / Photo: TSN.ua


The Easter egg rolled from the mountain to the valley,

Rolled straight to our guest house,

And Easter follows her, carries a white pascha,

Rings the bells, brings joy and grace to everyone.

Let's open the collar, let's greet the guests,

"Christ is risen!"

let's all sing together!

Easter pictures / Photo: TSN.ua


I sincerely congratulate you on Easter!

May this great holiday fill the heart with bright feelings of hope and love, bestow happiness and goodness.

I wish you joy, health, well-being and well-being.

Christ is Risen!

Easter pictures / Photo: TSN.ua


I wish happiness and harmony in the family,

and the grace of God from heaven

, and let it resound throughout Ukraine:

- Christ is risen!

- He is Risen Indeed!

Easter pictures / Photo: TSN.ua


We congratulate you on a bright and joyful holiday - Easter.

I wish you happiness and joy, faith and well-being!

May the wonderful Easter holiday bring love and light to your family, sincerity and goodness in relationships, and most importantly, health and peace.

May God's grace warm you and teach you happiness.

Christ is Risen!

Easter pictures / Photo: TSN.ua


The Lord's mercy appeared to us

and enlivened the world, as if in paradise;

On the bright and bright holiday of Easter,

I sincerely congratulate every family!

Easter pictures / Photo: TSN.ua


On the day of the brightest Orthodox holiday, I want to wish you peace, tranquility and well-being.

May the Lord protect you and your relatives from small and big problems.

I wish that this day will be the beginning of a new and bright life.

Easter pictures / Photo: TSN.ua


Spring will still sleep under the stars,

The city will still be covered with thickets,

And we will go to the church to greet

the Risen Christ.

And the church is so majestic, there will be light,

the bells will ring from the church towers,

and people will sing with them:

Christ is risen!

In the field, in the forest, where the snow is the last to melt,

At dawn the echo will roll

And there, from sleep,

the bell of spring will wake up!

Easter pictures / Photo: TSN.ua


Christ is Risen!

I wish everyone good, harmony and happiness.

Let's appreciate simple things and events, be patient with everything, be grateful for everything we have.

Happiness is in our hands and I want to manage it competently!

Easter pictures / Photo: TSN.ua


Pysanok is a cheerful pattern,

A basket of ham, horseradish, sausages,

Resurrection of God is a gift,

Having consecrated, bring it from the church.

And gather your whole family,

give out a slice of Easter to each one,

Pray for Mother Ukraine,

For parents, children and for our land.



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