Russia demands the immediate release of UOC Metropolitan Paul of the Moscow Patriarchate, who is under house arrest.

This was stated by the special representative of the foreign ministry of the aggressor country for cooperation in the field of ensuring the right to freedom of religion, Gennadiy Askaldovych.

In the Russian Federation, the legally elected Ukrainian government was called the "Zelenskyi regime", which allegedly "persistently seeks to inflict a decisive defeat on the Orthodox faith in Ukraine."

Traditionally, the United States has also been attacked by Russia, which "for the entire time of the persecution of the Orthodox in Ukraine, they have never criticized it."

The scandalous Metropolitan Pavel was called "an image of a martyr for the Orthodox faith" in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

"We demand the immediate release of Metropolitan Pavlo and the provision of appropriate medical assistance to him," the message reads.

We will remind that the Shevchenkiv court of the capital chose a preventive measure for the vicar of the UOC MP monastery in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Metropolitan Pavlo, in the form of two months of house arrest with the wearing of an electronic bracelet.

Before that, the SBU posted on the Internet an audio recording of Pavel's conversations, in which he welcomed the occupation of Kherson, and called the invasion of the Russian Federation "a war between America and Russia to the last Ukrainian."

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