The Sun Moon Lake Yidashao sewer can be connected to the edge of the lake. After dredging, the environment becomes clean and tidy.

(Photo provided by Yuchi Office)

[Reporter Xie Jieyu/Report from Nantou] The water level of the Sun Moon Lake Reservoir dropped sharply due to the drought. The Yuchi Township Office of Nantou County and Taipower Corporation also seized the opportunity to carry out the dredging work on the Ita Shao sewer (or flood control drainage) with a division of labor. After a week of hard work, It also successfully cleared the entire line of the big row, so that the merchants and residents in the Ita Shao business district can avoid the environment threatened by floods.

Sun Moon Lake's Ita Thao business district, which is full of Thao people's cultural history and delicacies, can be said to be one of the scenic spots for tourists to visit Sun Moon Lake. Sewers are closely related.

Liu Qifan, mayor of Yuchi Township, said that the width and height of Yidashao sewers range from 1.8 meters to 2.2 meters, which can allow the entry and exit of small-scale soil pilers and other machinery. Taking advantage of the low water level of the Sun Moon Lake Reservoir, the Zhugan River at the junction of Tannan Village, Xinyi Township, actively cleared the silt, soil and sand in the sewer out of the channel, and then the Taipower Company took over to clean it up. After that, even if the rainy season comes, it will It can minimize the probability of flooding, make disaster prevention and mitigation work more effective, and enable villagers to live at home with better protection.

After the Sun Moon Lake Yidashao sewer was dredged, the flood discharge channel has been unblocked.

(Photo provided by Yuchi Office)

Nantou County Yuchi Township Mayor Liu Qifan (right, the person in the red vest) and others discussed the dredging work in the Yidashao sewer of Sun Moon Lake.

(Photo provided by Yuchi Office)

The Nantou County Yuchi Township Office dispatched soil pilers and other equipment to carry out the dredging work of the Yidashao sewer of Sun Moon Lake.

(The picture is provided by Yuchi Office, photo by Jieyu)