Webmaster is a relatively new profession that has quickly become quite popular and in demand.

It was first talked about in 1992, and since then the field has grown so much that even a separate professional holiday - webmaster's day - appeared.

Although it is unofficial, it is always nice to give warm words to family and friends.

Webmaster's Day is always celebrated on April 4.

The date appeared not by chance: the popular 404 error (or "Not Found") is encoded in the date, which appears on the site page if the server cannot find the data requested by the user.

And on this day, International Internet Day is celebrated.

Webmaster's Day: greetings in verse and prose

Happy Webmaster's Day and I wish you amazing ideas, great mood, incredible success, creative ideas, brilliant victories, grandiose plans, good luck, excellent work and personal well-being.

Webmaster's Day / Photo: TSN.ua


The web master knows everything in the world of new products,

He makes masterpieces from pictures,

He gives us knowledge in the network,

We wish him recognition on the holiday.

Health and success in everything,

Work with humor and laughter,

So that luck sits on your shoulders,

And money so that it flows continuously!

Webmaster's Day / Photo: TSN.ua


Dear webmasters, we congratulate you, masters of cables and Wi-Fi, with a professional holiday!

We wish that all data was transmitted without loss, and that line breaks were so rare that everyone would consider them just a myth.

Happy holiday to you.

Webmaster's Day / Photo: TSN.ua


Webmasters spend

half their lives on the Internet. But

sometimes they don't find

time to rest .

On their holiday, we wish you

abundance and good luck.

Let life be happy.

All problems will be solved!

Webmaster's Day / Photo: TSN.ua


Today we welcome everyone involved in creating and maintaining websites.

We wish all webmasters on their professional holiday adequate customers, fast servers, unique content, as well as incredible personal happiness and inspiration for work.

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