Screenshot of Zhou Nan's arrest.

(file photo)

[Reporter Xu Guozhen/Taichung Report] A man surnamed Zhou in Taichung City had a long-term quarrel with his sister surnamed Zhou who lived with him. At the end of last year, for some reason, they had a quarrel. During the dispute, the man Zhou stabbed his sister with a knife. On the way to the doctor by car, I saw Zhou's daughter bleeding too much. She was wanted for a drug case and was worried about being arrested. The abandoned part is under separate trial and can be appealed.

According to investigations, 43-year-old Zhou Nan, his 45-year-old sister surnamed Zhou, and his sister’s 44-year-old boyfriend surnamed Chen lived together in Zhou Nan’s rental house in Dadu District. On December 31 of the year before last, the sister and brother had a big quarrel again. Zhou angrily took a kitchen knife from the kitchen and attacked her sister. It pierced her chest on the spot, causing massive bleeding and lung collapse. Chen Nan rushed in when he heard the noise. Seeing that his girlfriend was covered in blood, he helped to stop the bleeding, took off the bloody clothes and put on a jacket, and was sent to the doctor by motorcycle.

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On the way, when passing through Yingpu 1st Street in Dadu District, Ms. Zhou was seriously injured and couldn’t support herself. She fell limply and fell to the side of the road. When Chen Nan saw this, he stopped to help Ms. Zhou with CPR. Ms. Zhou left by bicycle, and the passers-by found them and called the police to notify the ambulance. However, Ms. Zhou died of her injuries after being sent to the hospital for first aid. The police immediately formed a task force to investigate after receiving the report. They were arrested in Dadu District and Wuri District Zhou and Chen were arrested.

During the police investigation and interrogation, Zhou Nan argued that he just wanted to scare the other party, but his sister "accidentally stabbed her in the chest with a knife" and had no intention of murder. Chen Nan also admitted that he abandoned his girlfriend by the embankment. The court After the trial, Zhou Nan was sentenced to 15 years for the crime of homicide. Chen was accused of abandoning the part of the crime, and another case is under trial.