Football player

Gerard Pique

began to comment more often on his divorce from singer


After the athlete said that

he feels happier

without the performer, he decided to speak about the criticism towards him after the break with the artist. 

Yes, Pique affected not only Shakira, but also her fan club, which writes negative comments about him on social networks.

The football player called their behavior "barbarism" and said that these people "don't have their own lives."

"My ex is Latina... You just don't see the criticism I get from her fans. So much barbarism. I don't care. I don't know these people in real life. They don't have a life of their own and they can only criticize like robots. Why should I give their opinion any importance?", Pique said in a recent interview. 

Photo: Instagram

The football player also commented on the singer's new track, in which she mocked his new romance with a 23-year-old student.

"This theme with the track... It's fine, it's just fashion. But sometimes people don't think about the consequences it can have on the other person you're taking your anger out on... But it's certainly a great idea for a singer, to which they then say, "Oh, you're the queen of the devil," Pique said.

We will remind that recently Shakira took two sons from Pique and


from Spain to live in Miami.

the singer received full custody of the children. 

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