"Bulgaria needs a regular cabinet, with a clear horizon, with a clear program, with shared priorities that look to the future. Such priorities are also given to us by the European Commission, by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. There are many things around which we can to unite".

This was stated on BTV by the acting Deputy Prime Minister for European funds, Atanas Pekanov

Atanas Pekanov is an economist at the Austrian Institute for Economic Research (WIFO), in Vienna.

"Bulgaria must meet the criteria for joining the Eurozone, there are five of them. We do not meet the "inflation" criterion, even today it was touched upon by the Secretary General of the OECD. In order to reduce inflation, the fiscal policy must be tightened, not only the monetary policy .The OECD report makes it clear that aid to households and businesses should be optimized. It should only go to the most needy and to businesses that save energy. The government is taking steps to reduce inflation. It is a problem everywhere. , but it's already falling," he commented.

"Our membership in the OECD is one of the important foreign policy priorities for our country. In recent months, the official cabinet has continued to work extremely actively for this. The organization has prepared an economic review that gives us guidance on where we should move.

OECD: Bulgaria is doing well, but be careful with inflation and curb corruption

Among the important topics are stable public finances, judicial reform, setting high standards in education, making social support where it is important and needed, decarbonization and the green transition.

These are topics that have been given to us as a recommendation and they will improve Bulgaria," the minister pointed out.

"The OECD is an organization of developed economies - where GDP per capita, living standards, incomes are highest.

Institutions must fight for this, and by following the recommendations, our economy will become more sustainable.

There is a way to move forward.

As a recommendation from the organization, we get to address the case with the accountability of the chief prosecutor, to strengthen the judicial reform.

Legislation to protect whistleblowers was passed in January.

After a lot of work - first by Minister Nadezhda Yordanova, and then by Minister Zarkov, this legislation was adopted," said Minister Pekanov.

Atanas Pekanov


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