In recent days, supporters of the Moscow Patriarchate have regularly found themselves at the center of a scandal – this time in Lviv.

Anastasia from Lviv organized a picket near the St. Volodymyr Church of the UOC MP in the Sykhiv district of Lviv.

However, aggressive parishioners tried to disrupt the action.

This is reported by "Varta1"

"I came to the protest in order to support the army of an employee who was beaten by priests of the Russian Orthodox Church in Khmelnytskyi, and also to draw the attention of the Lviv authorities, who, in the ninth year of the war, ignore the requests of Lviv residents to close the Russian Orthodox Church in the city. When we arrived at the church, we met parishioners and probably a man who serves the priest and heard theses that vividly describe why the ROC should be closed in Ukraine. They started saying that the war was started by Ukrainians," Anastasia says.

In the video, one of the MP parishioners can be heard answering the question of who is to blame for the war: "Who started the war?

Who started the war?

Ukrainians are sincere!".

When the girl began to emphasize that the war was started by Russia, another supporter of the UOC-MP shouted: "Lies, lies, lies!".

Later, during the altercation, a man came out of the church, who, according to Anastasia, serves the priest of the UOC MP of this church-MAF.

He rudely told the parishioners to leave the girl alone.

"Leave her alone, she's a fool," the man said in Russian.

And to Anastasia's remark to him about the Russian language, the man shouted that he was "Russian".

It should be noted that the St. Volodymyr Church of the UOC MP in Lviv is an illegal self-build.

Activists have repeatedly called for it to be dismantled or handed over to the OCU.

On June 19 last year, a fire broke out in this temple.

On May 9, unknown persons filled the entrance to the St. Volodymyr Church with mounting foam and left inscriptions on the walls of the church: "Devils of the FSB" and "Putin's House".

We will remind you that on Sunday in the Khmelnytskyi UOC-MP clergyman, a volunteer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was beaten in the church, who asked in the church: "How many more people must die before you stop going to the Moscow Patriarchate?".

After that, the congregation of the UOC MP cathedral in Khmelnytskyi, where the soldier was beaten, transferred to the OCU.

Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Khmelnytskyi Antony, who wanted to join the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, was dismissed by Onufriy.

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