Poison Chaechuwit "Rong Joke" gets acquainted with lawyer Tam

because of the exchange of information

Immigration biometric fraud case

Yan never sent his subordinates to facilitate the famous lawyer.

It's nonsense, revealing not being angry, even if it's a defamation case.

Identify believe that it is

Superintendent, whom Chuwit spoke of

Accepting lawyer Tam used to talk about online lottery.

Has warned that it is illegal, while General Por and Mr. Sak Rama 3 have already given information to the Sheriff's Office for a case of 6 million baht.

After Mr. Chuwit Kamolwisit brought 6 million baht from General Por and Mr. Sak Rama 3, the network of Pol. Lt. Col. Wasawat Mukraksakul or "Inspector Sua", a former civil police. works

Come to investigators of the Crime Suppression Division.

Seize it as a medium to inspect the financial route after Mr. Sitra Biabangkerd or lawyer Tam came out to expose until Mr. Chuvit revealed.

The latest post has a policeman holding a bag when a famous lawyer travels.

and involved in online gambling websites

As reported by the news

Most recently, on the afternoon of April 4, Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, mentioned the case of Mr. Chuvit Kamolwisit, revealing that there was a famous lawyer who was personally intimate and connected to the network. Gambling online that accepting to have intimacy

Because he worked to exchange information about the biometric fraud case of the Immigration Office and was intimate with Mr. Chuwit.

never send subordinates to facilitate travel time

Lawyer Tam is a junior who doesn't need to take people to provide services.

bring the police to carry the bag

is nonsense

As for Mr. Chuwit, he said that Lawyer Tam had nothing to do with gambling websites.

Inspecting gambling sites, the deputy commissioner of the police is divided into tasks, overseen by the commissioner of police.

But who came to talk about alluding to Superintendent Tong's subordinates, there was only one person who was with him, not involved.

and know lawyer Tam

but not related to online gambling

I was not angry with Mr. Chuwit, who I knew.

Although the interview was seen as potentially libelous.

While Pol. Col. Aris Kooprasitrat

The Chachoengsao Immigration Superintendent said he believed that it was the Superintendent of Police that Mr. Chuvit spoke about and worked with the Deputy Commissioner of Police. He knew Lawyer Tam.

That is, he admitted that he had met.

Talk about the law

In the past, never talked to or consulted about online gambling websites.

But lawyer Tam used to consult about online labels.

has warned that this is illegal

In the past, many cases have been prosecuted.

Other than that, it's just a general legal discussion.

no other issue

On the same day, Pol. Col. Anek Taosupap, deputy commissioner of the National Defense Police, discussed the progress of the 6 million baht case of Mr. Chuvit Kamolwisit, which Mr. Sitra Biabangkerd or lawyer Tam alluded to. Received from the network of inspectors Sua that today, General Por and Mr. Sak came to meet with investigators to provide information.

It is the duty of the investigating officer to interrogate.

As for the case where both were accused of bringing money to Mr. Chuwit.

Initially, it's just the claim of the person who came out to give information only, as for General Por and Mr. Sak, who came to give information today, it's a good thing.

But details cannot be revealed at this time.

As for the case where Mr. Chuwit claimed that the money belonged to Inspector Sua

from the testimony given to investigators by Mr. Chuvit on March 31

It was found that it did not match what was interviewed with the media.

In the statement stating that

The above amount of money came from people in the massage parlor business circle to give.

Before Mr. Chuwit brought the money to make merit, however, at this time, additional evidence is being gathered.