Arun Venkataraman, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Global Markets and Director General of US and Foreign Trade Services, who is visiting Azerbaijan, participated in the US-Azerbaijan Green Energy Forum.

APA reports with reference to the US Embassy that nine US companies interested in the development of Azerbaijan's green energy ecosystem participated in the Forum.

Commerce Assistant Secretary Venkataraman emphasized the importance of the Forum.

According to him, the US Department of Commerce, as well as the US private sector, is ready to support Azerbaijan in achieving its goals in the field of green energy.

"President Biden has committed to zero emissions in the United States by 2050 to combat climate change.

The current administration is taking a coordinated approach across all government agencies to address climate change," he said.

Chargé d'affaires of the US Embassy Hugo Guevara also spoke at the forum: "This forum creates an important opportunity to increase US-Azerbaijan bilateral economic relations thanks to the strengthening of our cooperation in the field of energy and the establishment of relations between US and Azerbaijani companies working in the field of green energy."

Gevera noted that Azerbaijan plays an important role in Europe's energy security: "The energy sector has always been an important part of our economic cooperation, and the United States supports Azerbaijan's role as a reliable supplier in the energy sector.

This forum will help to implement technical and regulatory innovations for the full absorption of Azerbaijan's green energy potential."

Heather Burns, the senior adviser on Eurasian issues of the Department of Commerce, said that the purpose of organizing the Forum is to develop the country's green energy opportunities thanks to the support of US technical suppliers to Azerbaijan's investors: "Oil and gas producing countries in the world are implementing green energy projects to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

We only have one planet and we must work together to keep global warming under control."

The embassy said that during the visit, Assistant Secretary of Commerce Venkataraman will also hold meetings with high-level officials working in the energy, transport and economy sectors of Azerbaijan and will discuss wider trade and investment opportunities between the United States and Azerbaijan.

Assistant Commerce Secretary Venkataraman also plans to meet with a number of US companies to learn about their activities in the local business environment.