The price of eggs has soared, and the price of old chicken coops has soared. The picture shows an idle chicken coop in Erlin.

(Photo by reporter Yan Hongjun)

[Reporter Yan Hongjun/Changhua Report] The number of eggs produced in Changhua County is the highest in Taiwan, and the price of eggs has soared, and the transaction price of laying hen farms has also risen. Last year, a 30-year-old chicken coop in Erlin Township was sold for 4260 Ten thousand yuan, the local residents were amazed, and some people sighed, "Man is not as good as a chicken!"

This chicken coop is located in the third section of Douyuan Road, Erlin Town. The entire chicken farm covers an area of ​​1,729 ping, and the chicken coop belongs to agricultural and pastoral land. The local farmland market is about 10,000 yuan per ping. Residents are puzzled, why chicken farmers or egg farmers To buy a chicken farm at such a high price, my intuition is "the rich man in the egg world!"

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An egg farmer surnamed Xie said that the price of old chicken coops has risen. The main reason is the rarity of the "livestock registration certificate". Because chicken coops are "disgusting" facilities and are not popular with local residents, the county government has almost stopped issuing new ones in recent years. Animal Husbandry Registration Certificate, if egg farmers want to expand their breeding of new chickens, they have to buy "old chicken coops", because old chicken coops are rare, resulting in high prices.

The egg farmer said that each "livestock registration certificate" has a fixed number of chickens allowed to be kept. Old chicken coops are not popular with local people, but they are worth a lot of money when they are resold. The higher the number of allowed chickens, the more " The higher the value, the higher the value, so "the area or the age of the house is not the key point, the number of breeding is the key to the transaction."

He said that a chicken coop covering an area of ​​more than 1,900 square meters was sold the year before last on Fangding Road, Fangyuan Township. The transaction price was 64.2 million yuan. 80,000 eggs per day), based on an average cost price of 6 yuan per egg, 480,000 yuan will be earned every day.

Chen Qiuchi, an egg farmer, said that in recent years, many egg farms have faced the dilemma of no one to take over from the second generation. Last year and the year before last, the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic peaked again. The market demand for eggs was low, and the price of feed was rising steadily. Egg farmers felt that it was unprofitable. As a result, the breeding was abandoned and the old chicken coop was released.

He said that the old laying hen farms have "returned salty fish", but the bird flu virus is still at its peak. The traditional chicken coop lacks shelter. In addition, old hens with low disease resistance rate are used in the battle. If you are not careful, all may die. In addition, , although the egg price is currently at a record high, it is still unknown what will happen next. If everyone swarms to increase breeding, it may cause "oversupply" in the future.