The Buddhist Altar of the Pangu Yaohuang Temple in Fucheng celebrated the birthday of Xu Jia, and held the activity of "Sworn Eggs. Worshiping Christmas Blessing Eggs".

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)

[Reporter Wang Shuxiu/Tainan Report] February 15th of the lunar calendar is Xu Jia’s Christmas Day. This year coincides with leap February. Fucheng’s Pangu Yaohuang Temple’s Buddhist altar celebrated Xu Jia’s birthday for the second time. Some believers specially sent 20 catties Eggs celebrate the birthday of the gods, praying for relief from egg shortages and droughts. The temple simply held the "Sworn Eggs. Worship Christmas Eggs" activity. From 2 pm on April 4th, each person will be given 2 tea eggs and Peaceful water, to connect with believers who come to celebrate birthdays, the quantity is limited while supplies last.

According to the temple officials, believers of the general gods will send peaches, noodles or five animals, fruits, wine, biscuits and drinks for Christmas. It’s really the first time I’ve ever had a whole basket of eggs!” In fact, when the egg shortage was serious a few days ago, 12 large baskets of eggs were placed on the shrine and Buddhist altar, so that the nearby villagers or elderly people didn’t have to queue up in the traditional market to grab eggs. There is a wonderful scene of selling eggs at Miaokou!

This time, believers simply sent 20 catties of eggs to celebrate their birthday, which is full of topics!

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Recently, there have been many egg delivery activities, attracting the attention of the public.

The altar of the gods and Buddhas stated that the gods distribute safe water as usual on Christmas to bless the whole family. It happened that a member of the temple was a chicken farmer and sent a basket of about 20 catties of eggs to celebrate the god's birthday. The safe water is distributed to believers, hoping to bring people a little happiness in life.

Egg delivery activities have come out one after another, which means that the domestic egg shortage has been resolved?

The chicken farmer said that after the arrival of imported eggs in Taiwan, the demand for home-use eggs has indeed eased, and the market has seen less long queues to grab eggs. The freshness requirements of the company still mainly rely on domestic eggs. In addition to the bird flu epidemic and the large weather and temperature differences, the supply situation is still unstable, and it is estimated that it will not be resolved until May or June.

This time, the gods donated eggs for Christmas, and also prayed for blessings to relieve the drought and the egg shortage, and everything goes well.

Fucheng Pangu Yaohuangmiao God Buddha Altar "Vow Eggs. Worship Christmas Blessing Eggs" activity, send tea eggs and safe water on Children's Day.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)