The Taiwanese People’s Party posted an article on Hsinchu Mayor Gao Hong’an’s 100-day political achievements today, but was slapped in the face by netizens’ comments. The Hsinchu city councilors of the Democratic Progressive Party also slapped them, saying that Gao’s political achievements were based on the achievements of former mayor Lin Zhijian and the central government.

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[Reporter Hong Meixiu/Hsinchu Report] Hsinchu Mayor Gao Hongan took office for 100 days. Fans of the Taiwan People’s Party specially posted a post on Gao Hongan’s 100-day governance report card. Where did the rebirth come from?" Ruan Gao said, "What about the nearby school entrance and Ciyun Kongqiao?" Ironically, except for digging ants and picking up glass, which one is not based on the municipal foundation of Mayor Xiaozhi, or it is a central subsidy Policy ride?

Even the children's art festival has changed its tone, and the paintbrush gifts for children are still made in China.

Taiwan’s People’s Party fans posted a post today, “100 days is enough to transform a city.” The content presented Gao Hong’an’s 100-day governance transcript when he became the mayor of Hsinchu, such as hosting the Guanpu Air Bridge Explanation Session and signing a memorandum of cooperation with the Hsinchu County Government Waiting, saying that the big and small things of the people are the most important things to Gao Hong'an.

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The content also mocked the city government team as "archaeologists" by the Internet army, saying that if the past serious illnesses are not dealt with, how can Hsinchu start a new situation?

He also mentioned the transcripts of the section exams that he worked hard for the municipal government.

However, this post attracted many comments from netizens. Some said, "Is it because April Fool's Day has passed?", "The city is full of nonsense and jokes", "Hsinchu City is not here to ask questions. The mayor, but the mayor who wants to solve the problem", "The traffic is as bad", "What big secret treasure has been dug up?"

And Hsinchu city councilor Yang Lingyi from the DPP also posted a post saying, "How can Hsinchu be reborn in the past 100 days?", and criticized Gao Hongan, except for digging ants and picking up glass. Otherwise, it is just a ride on the central subsidy policy?

Even the Children's Art Festival has changed its tone, and the Children's Day paintbrush gifts for children are still made in China.

He even called Gao's 100-day policy as "the fall of Zhushi in 100 days is almost the same", calling on Gao Hongan's team to talk less and do more.