Government's big challenge

To solve the problem of PM 2.5, fog and smoke, the more you solve, the harder it gets every day.

Thailand, in particular, ranks No. 1 in air toxic dust.

We have been in contact for several weeks now.

The media spread the news all over the world and warned tourists to

Will travel to travel in Thailand to be careful.

Especially in the northern region, Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, including Bangkok. Therefore, raising this problem as a national agenda would be too late.

The solution requires both short-term and long-term planning.

The smog problem is not only caused by forest burning or forest fires during this period, but PM 2.5 and smog come from both within the household.

and outside the household

power consumption

Emissions from industry, transport, agriculture and waste disposal

including natural dust

We tend to focus on the issue of agricultural burning or even natural and seasonal forest fires and push the burden on the companies doing business dealing with such crops.

without looking at

how is the origin

How is it correct?

Who takes care of it and how rigorously it should be monitored?

How will the government control whether the tools are sufficient or not?

must admit

Most of the country's population are farmers.

The agricultural sector is still the main product of the country, especially rice and sugar cane, which are important export products.

and agricultural methods

Thailand is still the original culture.

where the farmers have no other choice

System Integration

It turns out to be patting the face, covering the nose and solving the problem like straw fire.

There have always been many opinions such as Assoc.

Identifying dust solutions is not easy.

and it takes time

Problems must be tracked, gathered data in each area and time period in order to analyze the goals for correct solutions.

or an independent scholar, Apsorn Pawansawan, who views that coming out to criticize the toxic dust

But there is no innovative idea to solve a complete problem.

While the government continues to follow the problem in the same form.

is waiting for natural therapy

Waiting to catch the burner at the end of the cause

The problem is a vicious circle like this.

In the end, the agricultural sector became the villain.

For example, a forest fire in Khao Cha Phlu, Nakhon Nayok Province spread to Khao Laem, spreading to an area of ​​500 rai out of the total area of ​​700 rai, took three days and three nights, and was still out of control and occurred at Khao Tabak, next to Khao Laem.

The first problem is the availability of

tools and equipment

The need to integrate and join forces of all parties in solving problems for both the government and the people

the use of technology to store various data

The last is adequate budget allocation.

Toxic dust is not only harmful to people's health and bodies.

Especially diseases that are related to the respiratory system, PM 2.5 and PM 0.1 followed by PM 0.1, able to pass through the alveoli into the blood system.

leading to blood clots, heart attacks, strokes in the brain

and also destroyed the country's economy.

Type of death, pay by installments, too.

iron fist