Russian law enforcement officers have placed 26-year-old Daryna Trepova on federal wanted list, who is suspected of involvement in the murder of "military commander" Vladlen


as a result of an explosion in the "Street food bar" cafe in St. Petersburg.

The propagandists also stated that the girl was allegedly recruited by "Ukrainian journalists".  

The Telegram channel "Mash na Moike" writes about it.

It is reported that the girl came to St. Petersburg from Moscow at the end of March and rented an apartment near the cafe where the explosion happened. 

Photo: Fontanka

"Shortly before the tragedy, Daria told her friends that she had found a job, allegedly for Ukrainian journalists. That she received assignments from Ukraine for which she received money transfers. According to Trepova's entourage, the assignments were mostly related to handing over parcels hands - including handing the box with the sculpture to Vladlen Tatarsky at his lecture on April 2," the propagandists write.

A white Volkswagen Polo, in which the girl probably left the scene, was also declared wanted.

Daryna Trepova allegedly left the cafe a few minutes after the explosion and headed toward the Vasileostrivska metro station.

Tatarsky's death in a St. Petersburg cafe: what is known

In St. Petersburg, on April 2,

Vladlen Tatarskyi, a collaborator and Russian propagandist, was killed in an explosion at the "Street food bar" cafe.

The network published

the moment of the explosion in the St. Petersburg cafe

, where the traitor of Ukraine was eliminated. 

Later, they published

a video showing the propagandist being presented with an "explosive" statuette.

There was also a photo of a girl who allegedly presented propagandist Vladlen Tatarsky with a statuette with explosives.

As of the morning of April 3,

the number of victims as a result of the explosion has increased to 32, 10 people are in serious condition. 

It is also known that Russian security forces searched the house of the suspect.

The police took the girl's mother to the department. 

Analysts of the Institute for the Study of War write that

the murder of propagandist Vladlen Tatarsky in Prigozhin's bar is probably part of the escalation of internal conflicts in Russia involving the "Wagner" PMC.

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