Storms that may have spawned dozens of tornadoes killed at least 21 people in towns and cities across the US South and Midwest as they swept through the Arkansas capital, collapsed the roof of a packed concert hall in Illinois and stunned people across region with the extent of the damage, the Associated Press and Reuters reported.

Confirmed or suspected tornadoes in at least eight states destroyed homes and businesses, split trees and devastated neighborhoods across a wide swath of the country.

Seven of the dead lived in a county in Tennessee, four in the small town of Wayne, Arkansas, three in Sullivan, Indiana, and four in Illinois.

Other deaths from the Friday-Saturday night storms were reported in Alabama and Mississippi, as well as one near Little Rock, Arkansas, where city officials said more than 2,600 buildings were in the tornado's path. .

Meteorologists warned of the risk of dangerous storms and tornadoes in the Midwest and the southern part of the United States

Stunned residents of Wynne, a town of about 8,000 people located about 50 miles west of Memphis, Tennessee, awoke on Saturday to find the roof of the high school destroyed, windows broken and huge trees down. knocked down.

Walls, windows and roofs of homes and commercial establishments were broken.

A theater roof collapsed during a concert, one person died

In the city of Belvidere, Illinois, a tornado collapsed the roof of the Apollo Theater just as 260 people were attending a heavy metal concert.

One person died and 40 were injured, adds BTA.