A junior high school student from a poor family in Dali, Taichung fell and was hospitalized after falling to help others. Director Huang Bingjun (third from left) of Renhua Police Station and Tang Zhaozhong (second from right), the station chief of the police station, raised donations from society and handed them over to the male classmate’s mother (third from right).

(Photographed by reporter Chen Jianzhi)

[Reporter Chen Jianzhi/Taichung Report] A second-year male student from a junior high school in Dali, Taichung, recently lost his change to a lighting cover. After stepping on the lighting hood, he fell to the entrance of the driveway on the first floor of the basement, resulting in fractures in his hands and face, and was sent to the hospital. Because the mother alone raised 3 children, and the family’s financial situation was poor, Huang Bingjun, director of the Renhua Police Station, and Tang Zhaozhong, the station chief of the Renhua Police Station, raised funds for social charity. The money went to care and help the family tide over the difficulties.

After Tang Zhaozhong, station chief of the Renhua Police Station of the Taichung Wufeng Police Office, took office, he actively assisted the Renhua Police Station in promoting various police political and security measures in the area, improving the police duty environment and strengthening police equipment, and spared no effort in caring for the disadvantaged.

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A third-year male student from a middle school in Dali saw his second-year student climb up to the lighting cover in the underground parking lot to pick up change, but he couldn’t get out of trouble after picking it up. He stepped forward to help him, but accidentally stepped on the lighting cover and fell down. He went to the entrance of the driveway on the first floor of the basement, resulting in fractures to his hands and face and serious injuries.

Huang Bingjun, director of the Renhua Police Station, learned that the father of the male classmate passed away due to illness seven years ago, and his mother supported the three children on her own with the meager income of working in the breakfast shop. Get over it.

After Tang Zhaozhong learned of the plight of the male classmate's family, he immediately invited the chairman of the company's surnames Lin, Ye and Shi in Dali, Taichung City Deshan Xingshande Association and Renhua Police Friend Station, etc. to raise tens of thousands of charitable donations. I personally sent the money to the male classmate’s home to the mother of the middle school student. The whole family was very moved and grateful for the warmth of the society.

Chen Xianglin, director of the Wufeng Branch, said that in addition to maintaining public security and traffic safety in the jurisdiction, the police also actively explored and cared for the disadvantaged. He hoped that this good deed would have the effect of attracting new ideas, illuminating love in every corner, and making the society more peaceful good.