The Union of Democratic Forces (SDS) is a Bulgarian right-wing political party that has filed a series of complaints to the Central Election Commission, alleging irregularities in the electoral process.

Members of Sectional Electoral Commissions on the territory of the Metropolitan Municipality massively invite voters to switch to machine voting as soon as they enter the section.

GERB: The mayor of the village of Cherna Mogila in Aytos municipality violates the Election Code

This is a violation of IC, since in Art.

206, para.

1, it is stated that the voter may, at his choice, vote with a paper ballot or with a machine voting ballot.

Specific CICs are also indicated in the complaints - 44 CICs in 164 GPIE "Miguel de Cervantes";

9 SIK at "Yordanka Filaretova" Medical College;

63 SIK in 97 SU "Miladinovi Brothers" and others.

"I request that an immediate investigation be carried out and necessary action be taken to stop the deliberate and unauthorized targeting of the machines," the submitted complaints state.



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