The Primate of the OCU, Metropolitan Epiphany, called on the protesters near the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, who are advocating the eviction of the Moscow Patriarchate from the shrine, to behave calmly and not to provoke a conflict.

The press service of OCU informs about this.

"I once again call on all our faithful and all those who wish good for the Ukrainian Church to remain balanced, to be wise, not to resort to evil actions even for the sake of a good goal," Epiphany emphasized.

According to him, the enemies of Ukraine would like to incite a religious confrontation among Ukrainians, therefore, on the contrary, it is necessary to strive for understanding and unity.

"The opponents would very much like to present the events around the Lavra as an inter-religious struggle, to pass themselves off as martyrs. But we are doing everything in our power to prevent their plans from coming true," the Metropolitan explained.

He noted that the OCU wants to free the Lavra "not from monks or students of an educational institution", but from the delusion of the "Russian world" and from serving Putin, "whom the current Lavra leaders fear and respect more than God."

"I also want to appeal to the public: condemning the "Russian peace" should not disrespect the sanctity of the Lavra itself - it is our spiritual shrine, which should be treated with respect. While rejecting the fanaticism of the "Russian peace" supporters, one should not resort to contempt for faith itself. Dances in time fasting under the walls of the Lavra or other similar actions only contribute to the enemies - this should not be allowed," Epiphanius concluded.

We will remind that a video appeared on the Internet with a member of the UOC-MP, who was kneeling on the asphalt and baptizing the protesters, while they were dancing and filming around her.

We will remind that by March 29, the priests of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate had to vacate all the buildings of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and hand over the property to the state.

However, for the fifth day in a row, believers of the UOC MP have blocked access to the Lower Lavra. 

Patriotic Ukrainians are also rallying near the Lavra, demanding that the shrine be taken away from the Moscow Patriarchate.

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