In the final chapter of the platform encore, Gaojie Station Master Lin Zhongming presents "Kiss Goodbye" by singing god Jacky Cheung.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] The final chapter of Platform Encore!

With the successful conclusion of Mayday’s 4th concert at the World Games main stadium tonight, Lin Zhongming, the station master of Gaojie, who has been accompanying fans on the platform with singing for the past few days, has also finished his support duties. He specially sang "God of Songs" Jacky Cheung "Kiss Goodbye" and Andy Lau's "Longling", bid farewell to everyone, will there be a chance to hear his singing again in the future?

Lin Zhongming emphasized that if there is a chance, he can play again!

Lin Zhongming is the station master of Kaohsiung MRT R23 Qiaotou Station. From March 18th and 19th, the Korean group BLACKPINK's concert at the World Games main stadium began to support the service of R17 World Games Station, and also started his career as a "resident singer on the platform" .

In the past few days, I have sung Andy Lau's "Lone Star Tears", Zhang Xueyou's "Blue Rain", the old song "The Moon Represents My Heart", Zhang Xueyou's "Heart Like a Knife", Wan Fang's "New Love", Zhang Huimei's Classic songs such as "Listen to the Sea" linger in the air, making the fans waiting for the bus applaud.

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However, the main venue of the World Games (now known as Kaohsiung National Stadium) can accommodate up to 55,000 people. There are very few domestic artists who have the strength to hold concerts here. Tiantuan Mayday is one of them. These 4 concerts are full .

But according to the schedule so far, Mayday’s concert tonight may be the last concert at the main stadium of the World Games this year. Most of them choose the Kaohsiung Arena, which can accommodate more than 10,000 people, or the Gaoliu Center to sing.

Therefore, Lin Zhongming specially prepared "Kiss Goodbye", one of Jacky Cheung's signature songs tonight, to bid farewell to the fans at the R17 World Games Station, and sang "I kiss you goodbye, in a street with no one, let the wind laugh and I can't refuse" ;I kiss you goodbye, in the frenzied night, my heart, waiting to meet the sadness." At the high pitch, the voice is still full of magnetism, and the "five fans" knock on the bowls one after another to encore.

Lin Zhongming also sang Andy Lau's "Longling" and Zhang Huimei's "Listening to the Sea" casually, and prepared an extra Taiwanese song, "Sorrowful Peony" sung by Hong Ronghong and Jiang Hui, etc., so that fans waited for the car to be empty. You can also enjoy "Encore on the Platform".

The reporter asked him if he would have a chance to hear his singing again in the future?

Lin Zhongming emphasized: "To meet the needs of the company, we can make use of any opportunity we have!"

Talking about the most impressive thing these days, Lin Zhongming said that the fans who participated in the BLACKPINK and Mayday concerts all took the bus enthusiastically and orderly, which gave him time to sing and entertain everyone. He also thanked everyone for choosing the Kaohsiung MRT as a way to go home. way.

Mayday's last concert at the World Games main stadium ended, and the fans left by car at the R17 World Games station.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)