Kaohsiung yesterday (1st) ushered in an unprecedented 3 concerts at the same time, and the transportation was completed in the shortest time.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] Kaohsiung spent "Super Saturday" yesterday (1st) night, ushering in an unprecedented 3 concerts, attracting nearly 200,000 people to Kaohsiung; Security, business district night market discounts, etc. were planned in advance, and a total of 2,000 behind-the-scenes heroes were dispatched to successfully hold this grand scene.

Tiantuan Mayday, Tianhou Zhang Huimei, and Dagang sang. On the 1st, they made their grand debuts at the World Games Main Stadium, Kaohsiung Arena, Pier-2, and Gaoliu respectively. Nearly 200,000 people came to the stage, which can be called the traffic and transportation big devil level.

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The Gaoshi Municipal Transportation Bureau, the MRT Bureau, and Gaojie Company tightened their nerves and started to increase the frequency of the MRT and light rail. The World Games and the Arena will use the MRT to match the shuttle bus, and coordinate the Taiwan Railway, the high-speed rail to add shuttle buses and other supporting facilities , Improve the capacity of transportation.

Colleagues from the Municipal Transportation Bureau personally raised placards and took the bus to guide the line, plus staff and shuttle bus drivers, and nearly 120 people were involved on the 1st.

A shuttle bus driver revealed that last month’s BLACKPINK concert was carried back and forth many times, and he fell asleep without taking a shower when he got home from get off work. He is already very experienced in Mayday relay singing.

Gaojie Company invested 200 people. In order to make the fans not bored waiting for the bus, the station master relayed singing and "off-site encore", bringing fans an unforgettable night, and the transportation was successfully completed.

In terms of security and traffic control, the Gaoshi Police Department dispatched 4 sub-bureaus including Zuoying, Nanzi, Gushan, and Yancheng on the 1st. Zuoying and Yancheng sub-bureaus set up "mobile police stations" at the concert site, and the MRT The police, Jiaotong University, Baoda University, and the Municipal Criminal University have a total of about 600 police officers. At the same time, the parking lot around the concert will be strengthened to prevent theft and robbery.

The Environmental Protection Bureau also contributed a lot. On the 1st, a total of 650 people and 100 cleaning vehicles were dispatched, and the city was restored to a clean and tidy appearance in the shortest possible time.

The Economic and Development Bureau mobilized nearly 200 manpower to issue "business circle night market coupons" exclusive to fans. The distribution time lasted for 12 hours, allowing every fan to quickly redeem them. After listening to the concert, they went to the business district night market.

In addition, 150 colleagues from the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Kaohsiung Pop Music Center will play the role of coordinating the various units, and through the "Night Pier 2 Party", let fans enjoy the charm of the renewal party.